37 thoughts on “January 23, 2014”

  1. Wod as rx’d twice. I felt once
    Wasn’t enough for some reason.
    Round one: 12
    Round two: 16
    Breck started talking about the
    Games and I guess I was more
    Motivated the second time around.

  2. Paul 40/m/165/5'9"

    Strength Front Squats
    135(5)-155(3)-175(2)-185(3) then 6X3 at 175 DNF.

    WOD with 115#
    12 reps sore and sick still. Ugh!!

    Love the video.

  3. OHS

    WOD w power clean and push jerk @110#
    32 reps (would be 64 points if I had actually squat cleaned it)

    PR on this WOD with squat cleans was 27 reps (52 pts)

  4. Great video Breck. PERFECT FORM!!!

    Front Squats:

    First 3 set of 3 w/85#, last 6 sets w/75# (Thanks for being my partner Carley)

    WOD w/75# (as RX for women 60+ in open)

    17 rds= 34 reps (PR by 4 reps)

    (Michelle, PR by 17 pts…GREAT!!!!)

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