35 thoughts on “May 1, 2015”

  1. Push Press
    4 sets of 175# (didn’t do last one, thought I would get a little rest in before J.T., It didn’t really matter though)


    Great photo!!

  2. Great pic Laura!!!

    Push Press @ 105#

    Mod WOD
    HSPU 12-9-6 (no ab mat….hooray!)
    Ring Dips…Rx’d
    = 22:03???….a very long time!!!

  3. Push Press w/85#

    HSPU w/3 ab mats (strict) and took 1 away for last round (kipping)
    Lots of bouncy bar dips
    Strict push-ups

    Forgot Push-ups on first round and worked them in 2nd round.

  4. Pp @ 85#

    HSP with one Mat
    Ring dip with band
    Push up
    I tried as hard as I could but I did not finish JT lol

  5. Push press @ 90# last 2 were with 100#
    Wod: worked on kipping hspu.
    Very short dips
    Push ups on knees
    The struggle was real people. Lol. This one was difficult.
    Great pic Laura!

  6. Backyard wod
    3 rds
    8 rope pull ups, go from supine to standing
    10 ring dips
    30 sit-ups
    Then 50 push-ups

  7. Look at that amazing lady! Love the pic!

    Push press @105#

    Sorry, soldier…I couldn’t finish this one today.

  8. Looking great Laura, DETERMINED!

    Strength PP 175# skipped a last rd
    Wod Rx = 19:11 (kipped everyone of those bastards)

  9. Laura you can carry me like that anytime! Looking amazing.

    Strict Press
    Wod w/1 ab mat & bar dips

  10. Push Press
    5×3 @ 185
    12:05 (PR)
    All kipping HSPU
    All strict dips
    All legit push ups (judged by Nicole)
    Broke all dips and push ups in 3s.

  11. That pic should be on the Mainsite! Amazing!
    Strength at 75
    Wod w 1 ab mat outside, did a few kipping then just held the handstand for as long as I could
    Bar dips, strict push ups

  12. 2 mile warmup
    Push press
    First set of 3@95, then 4 sets of 3@100#
    Wod modified: 12-9-6
    Ring dips and 1 mat
    50ghds & 50unanchored sit-ups

  13. Strength w/70#
    HSPU on 24″ Box
    Reg Push-Ups
    Cool Down
    1 mile run
    Slow clap Max…slow clap.

  14. Laura, love your picture. You look amazing!

    Strength w/60#
    WOD w/15# DB shoulder press for HSPU
    and short dips and holding for dips
    and 15 reg push ups, rest from knee
    400 M run

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