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Jun 15 2017

June 15, 2017

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Thursday 170615

Team WOD #1 (In Teams of 2-3)
5min AMRAP:
Max Calorie Row ** athletes must switch out every 12/10 calories
Rest 3min
Team WOD #2 (In Teams of 2-3)
20min AMRAP:
– 12 Deads 185/125 MRX 155/95 Partner A
– 12 Deads Partner B
– 6 T2B Partner A
– 6 T2B Partner B
– 12/10call Row or 12/10cal Bike Partner A
– 12/10cal Row or 12/10cal Bike Partner B
– 6 Synchronized Team Hand Release Push-ups
*Alternating partners each exercise, Partners must slap hands to switch, Partner A can move from T2B and be set on rower and start as soon as B runs over and slaps hand
*If a three person team 2 people will go at same time.

Post results for each AMRAP to responses.


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