July 3, 2017

Monday 170703

Independence Day HERO WODs
(Athletes choice, pick one and give it your all)

For Time:
– 50 Pull-ups
– 400m Run
– 21 Thrusters 95/65 MRX 75/55
– 800m Run
-21 Thrusters 95/65 MRX 75/55
-400m Run
– 50 Pull-ups


30 RFT
– 5 Wallballs 20/14 10/9′ MRX 20/10 9′
– 3 HSPU MRX 2/4″ rise
– 1 Power Clean 225/155 MRX 185/115

Post HERO WOD of choice and time to responses.


34 thoughts on “July 3, 2017”

  1. Modified “Daniel”:
    50 HRPU
    400m Run
    21 Thrusters @75#
    800m Run
    21 Bar Dips
    400m Run
    50 HRPU


  2. Deidre mooney

    Thanks for a great wod!! Holleyman @115, most hspu I’ve ever done in a workout!! Happy 4th CrossFit Jenks! Thanks for letting me drop in and thanks for the muscle up help Dennis Berry!! You are the best!!

  3. “Daniel”:

    Not bad today for running off an hour of sleep.
    Thanks for talking me into coming in again Meredith and Jessica!

  4. Holleyman! Most WBS I’ve done in one WOD

    Mods w/ HSPU – used 3 abmats
    Mods w/ PC – 165# (~85% 1RM)


    Great class!

  5. “Holleyman”. MRXd


    1 hour mountain bike ride at Turkey

    Happy and safe 4th to all. Thanks to all veterans for their service and sacrifice.

  6. 9:30 class
    “Holleyman” rx’d
    First time doing it rx’d..cleans got real heavy..just had to stand and look at my bar so I wouldn’t fail any
    Noon class
    “Daniel” rx’d
    Great job everyone! Thanks Mere and justin for coming back and doing other one with me!

  7. Holleyman Rx’d
    Somewhere between 46:30 and 47:30, I was delirious. Most HSPU I’ve ever done, but man I feel like I could do anything now.

  8. 530 class
    RX’D 21:44

    Rested 25mins

    RX’D 15:14
    Thrusters unbroken

    (Accidentally came through front door on first 400m run)

    Good job Brian thanks for hitting it with me and thanks Jess for the push on holleyman and talking me into doing Daniel glad I hit them both!!!!

    Everyone have a safe and happy 4th and thank you to the men and women who are serving and have served!!!!

  9. Attempted 20 EMOM:

    Row 250meters
    30 double unders

    Quickly turned into AMRAP 20…

    13 rounds + 250m row

    Max: damn good job on finishing this WOD the other week, very impressive!!!

  10. Daniel

    w/30 jumping pull ups ea time, 35# thrusters
    after 800M run, got confused and did pull ups first,
    then thrusters and wasted about 45 seconds and looked
    at board and hadn’t done 400M run – so did run last


  11. 10 rds RX
    10 rds 145

    45# plate + 25# plate and 1 ab mat for handstand push ups

    35 mins only did 20 total rounds

  12. Holleyman
    First two rounds @185, switched to 165
    Also ended up with 2 ab mats and plates under HSPU

    Came back at 9:30 with Kev
    push ups instead of pull ups and 75lbs for thrusters

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