July 27, 2017

Thursday 170727

*We have been notified that we are NOT allowed to park in the lots (Garage innovations to the tree) to the North side “G” Street. You may park anywhere along the street line, any parking area in our lot or the lot that faces Elm. We are working to have spaces specifically for CrossFit Jenks’ members. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Team WOD #1 (In Teams of 2-3)
15min AMRAP:
-15 KBS 55/35 RX+ 70/55 Partner A
-15 KBS Partner B
-90ft Bear Crawl RX+ 30′ Handstand walk Partner A
-90ft Bear Crawl RX+ 30′ Handstand walk Partner B
-15 Partner Passing WallBall Sit-Ups (use one WallBall 20/14lbs, anchored but dumbbell anchor points are 2 wallballs apart, ball must touch floor behind head)
Rest 3min
Team WOD #2 (In Teams of 2-3)
For Time:
-400m Run Partner A
-400m Run Partner B
-15 Synchronized Hand Release Push-ups
-400m Run Partner A
-400m Run Partner B
-200m Run Partner A
-200m Run Partner B
-15 Synchronized Hand Release Push-ups

Post results for each WOD to responses.


Our CFJ Annual Summer pool party, hosted by Allan and Angie Large, is right around the corner! This Saturday, July 29th at noon– Angie will supply the BBQ, please bring a side dish and beverage of your choice. Kiddos are welcome! We hope to see all of you there!

*For directions, please e-mail Angie at alarge2@cox.net

22 thoughts on “July 27, 2017”

  1. Team WODs with Jennifer Combs

    WOD 1 w/14# Wallball:
    5 rounds + 28 KBS

    WOD 2:

    Great job as usual Jennifer! You set a fast pace on those runs.

  2. Oh: 2.4 mile jog to the gym / 2.4 mile walk from the gym.
    Pretty sure some of my handstand walks were cartwheels

  3. Team WOD with Jewel!

    WOD 1 – 5 rounds + 10 KBS

    WOD 2 – 10:22

    Great job Jewel, it was awesome partnering with you!!!

  4. Partner wod with TS

    First WOD RX’D TS did bear crawl I did Handstand walks
    7 rounds + 2 KBS
    Everything unbroken

    Rested 3mins

    Second WOD RX’D

  5. Team Fitzhugh
    Wod 1
    25# kb/70#kb
    30′ bear crawl/30′ handstand walk
    10# wb sit-ups
    4 rounds + handstand walk

    Wod 2
    All rows, push-ups from knees for me

  6. Partnered w/ Greg R.

    5 rounds + 4 KB Swings

    Greg Rx’ed | Connor Rx+, both unbroken

    Fun workout, great job Greg!

    WOD 2:


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