July 28, 2017

Friday 170728

*We have been notified that we are NOT allowed to park in the lots (Garage innovations to the tree) to the North side “G” Street. You may park anywhere along the street line, any parking area in our lot or the lot that faces Elm. We are working to have spaces specifically for CrossFit Jenks’ members. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

6 RFT:
-6 Right Leg Deadlifts 135/95 RX+ 155/105 MRX 95/65
-7 Bar Facing Burpees
-6 Left Leg Deadlifts
-7 T2B
-14/12cal Row or 14/12cal A bike
Rest 2min Exactly
For Time and Minimal Breaks/Rest:
-400m Farmers Carry KBs or DBs 55/35 RX+70/55 MRX 45/25
**Catch every time you stop to Rest, perform 5 Double KB/DB Deadlifts, before proceeding forward**
**Can walk fast, but NO running**

Post time and “finisher” to responses.


Our CFJ Annual Summer pool party, hosted by Allan and Angie Large, is right around the corner! This Saturday, July 29th at noon– Angie will supply the BBQ, please bring a side dish and beverage of your choice. Kiddos are welcome! We hope to see all of you there!

*For directions, please e-mail Angie at alarge2@cox.net

19 thoughts on “July 28, 2017”

  1. Single leg deadlift- work up to 1 heavy rep- worked up to #275 for each leg
    WOD as rx’d: 19:15
    Finisher- 400 m 70# KB farmers carry
    14:36; 11 times I had to set them down (55 KB deadlifts)

  2. WOD rx’d=19:59

    Finisher 400m 55# KB Farmers Carry=6:15 (w/ 3 sets of deadlifts)*
    *I stopped when I entered the side garage door, which apparently wasn’t RX

  3. 4 rds
    12 cal bike
    12 thrusters, 45# barbell
    First time OH in I don’t know how long

    Mtn bike at turkey with Sam

  4. Single Leg DL up to 140#, heavy but not 1RM

    Wod (switched to GHD in rd 4)
    3 min rest
    Finisher: 200m w/35# KB unbroken

  5. Strength: 1 leg DL
    135-225-275-295 (little wobbly on left)

    WOD Rx:

    Finished 200m 55DB
    6:12 3 sets of DL, totally defeated me

  6. *****ATTENTION******
    The Van Horn family will be returning home today. Friends family and the entire Stonebrook community will be lining the streets from the entrance of our neighborhood down to their home the expected arrival time is 330 this afternoon if anyone would like to come join and welcome the sweet family home please feel free to do so. we are expecting a lot of traffic so life church Jenks has offered their parking lot.

  7. Team workout, guys v girls
    Jenks Mile P1 runs P2 rests, switch
    11:06 guys, 12:?? girls
    Immediately into:
    Grannie (Grace&Annie)
    P1 c&j, P2 rest from run. Then P1 dubs, P2 c&j. Can’t advance until both are finished. Continue through:
    10 C&J, 50 dubs, 50 sit ups
    8, 40, 40
    6, 30, 30
    4, 20, 20
    2, 10, 10
    – 27:17 guys, 27:23 girls
    Total times including Jenks Mile.

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