September 15, 2017

Friday 170915

Team WOD
16min AMRAP:
-A = 10 Deadlifts 225/155 RX+ 255/175 MRX 185/115
-B = Top Deadlift Hold
-B = 10 Deadlifts
-A = Top Deadlift Hold
-A = 10 HSPU MRX Seated DB Press
-B = HSPU Hold MRX DB Seated Press Hold
-B = 10 HSPU
-A = HSPU Hold (top)
-A = 10 KBS 55/35# RX+ 70/55# MRX 45/25#
-B = KB Goblet Squat Hold (bottom)
-B = 10 KBS
-A = KB Goblet Squat Hold
-A = 10cal Row
-B = High Plank Hold
-B = 10cal Row
-A = High Plank Hold
*One athlete is working, while one is in a static hold position. Athlete can only work if partner in hold position*

Post rounds and reps to responses.


18 thoughts on “September 15, 2017”

  1. Spent the morning in BA assisting with the balloon festival. The news crew certainly took their sweet time, so I missed the 6am class. Did the following in my garage:

    Strength: Back Squat@275
    3 reps E2MOM for 7 sets

    WOD: Annie (Unanchored w/o abmat):

  2. Team Angie/Heidi*

    Row = 13:52

    WOD MRx weights
    I did HSPU w/2 abmats & HS holds
    Heidi did seated 1-arm db press/holds

    3rds + 15 KBS

    *Breck subbed in for Heidi the last 4 min. Thanks Breck!

    TGIF y’all!

  3. Partner WOD w/ Chrissy the birthday girl 😉

    WOD 1 – 13:43

    WOD 2
    3 rounds (some modifications but got it done)

    Great job 9:30

    Happy Birthday Jamie and Chrissy

  4. WOD w/ the Champ
    Row- 12:53
    Wod 2 rxd (used mouse pad for head on HSPU & Syd did HPC instead of DL)
    3 rds + 56 reps
    Happy birthday Chrissy! Thanks for the bubbles! ♥️

  5. Team WOD with the Legend RC

    WOD 1 rower said 10:58. Clock on wall 11:35
    I guess rower clock stops when you switch partners is the difference in time?
    WOD 2 with ab mat
    2+10 HSPU
    Dead on WOD 2 due to blowing it out on the row!

  6. FYI Cindi was waiting on me all of WOD 2. She needed a better partner, I shot my Wod on the first one and had nothing left. To the point, Max called me out on my plank and I used my legs help with the goblet squats and I wasn’t touching my on HSPU even with 1 Abmat. That was rough!

  7. Team WOD w/nick! (Sorry im so terrible at rowing and my back was gone for WOD 2)
    WOD 1
    3 rds+57 reps
    Major LBS….

  8. Team WOD w/Jen Purdy

    WOD 1-

    WOD 2 RX w/ me- HSPU w/ abmat then 2 during 2nd round & Jen- seated DB strict press
    2 rounds + 75 reps

    Nice work Jen

  9. Partner WOD w/ my Ben (brother-in-law from Indiana)
    Row WOD: 9:57
    WOD 2: used 225 for DL; seated DB press (#35)/handstand holds; #55 KB
    – 3 rounds + 36 reps

  10. Did by myself. Eric was kind enough to ask me if I wanted to be his partner, but I
    wanted him to get a work out!! Plus, he would have been so fast, I would have died!!

    Row: (how long it took me to row ea time, I rested the same time)

    13:33 1500 meters

    WOD w/115#, 25# KB, 15# dumbbells for seated press

    Held the static holds on B’s the same amount of time it took for A

    2 rds + 5 cal row

  11. 5am:
    WOD w/ Adam:
    (subbed 3 WC’s for HSPU | 70# KB)
    3 rounds + 20 deadlifts
    Great job Adam!

    WOD w/ my wife:
    (subbed PC’s for DL | WC for HSPU | 55#)
    3 rounds + 15 power cleans

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