January 1, 2018

Monday 180101

There will be an 8am and 10am class offered today.  All other classes are canceled.  Happy New Year!

“New Day, New Year, New Journey” by DB
30min AMRAP:
-5 Pull-Ups
-10 WallBalls
-200m Run
-5 Power Snatch 95/65 RX+ 115/75 MRX 75/55
-10 Barbell Push-ups
-200m Row or 0.5km A Bike
*Can start with Run or Row/A Bike just switch it up*

Post rounds and reps to responses.


12 thoughts on “January 1, 2018”

  1. Happy New Year CFJ! Prayers and blessings to all for a Fantastic year. Stay fit to fight and ready.
    Way to get you some triple Extension on that clean.

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