January 2, 2018

Tuesday 180102

For Time:
-400m Run
-20 KBS 55/35# RX+ 70/55# MRX 45/25#
-20 Goblet Squats
-10 KBS
-10 Goblet Squats
-200m Run
-5 KBS
-5 Goblet Squats

Post time to responses.


31 thoughts on “January 2, 2018”

  1. Dan and Max, two legit CFJ athletes that keep me honest, inspire, and help me fight to get back to where they are!
    Had to make sure I conducted today’s training as I will have to take a few days off for some tests, but glad I did and it felt good.
    Not ready to max on a BS, but did hit 5×5 BS at 155lbs and felt good. To scared to put bar directly on neck/back so used a manta ray.
    WOD RXd with Row = 5:55 wanted unbroken but set the KB down on set of 20 Goblets
    Then 30 Reverse hypers at 70lbs

  2. Back squats:
    Failed twice at 300#

    WOD w/row & 55# kb

    30 ghd sit-ups
    30 hip extensions
    1:30 high plank hold

  3. Thanks for the kind words Okie, looking forward to seeing you back in the gym


    445# knees finally cooperating, felt fine, more in the tank!

    WOD Rx:
    4:14 unbroken

  4. Back Squat
    Up to 235# – heaviest since my injection in the knee. Felt some discomfort so shut it down at that weight

    WOD Rx w/row

  5. Back squats
    1@415 10lb pr

    Wod RX+ w/row

    All unbroken and didn’t set down

    Then KO test wod with the one and only Meredith that was fun and deceiving

  6. Still on hatch squat program for another couple weeks then I will do max out..
    Week 9 day 1
    Back squats
    Front squats
    WOD rx’d w/row

    Came back in evening and did fridays WOD since I will be resting that day before KO this weekend..
    “Francy” w/row/bike/row
    400m row
    21 thrusters@65#
    21 pull ups
    1k assault bike
    400m row
    9 thrusters
    9 OHS
    9 t2b
    9 pull ups
    Time= 11:10
    Would love to repeat this on a warm day and run instead of bike and second row!
    Thanks Shan for the tips on rowing after! I’ll keep practicing..it’s a no wonder why my back always hurts!

  7. Can do air squats with minimal discomfort in my left knee but not worth attempting heavy back squats so I did tomorrow’s workout instead:

    Strength: Max Shoulder Press
    Up to 155#; Failed 185# & 180#

    6min AMRAP w/75#
    6 Hang Muscle Clean
    12 Shoulder Press
    6 T2B

    3 rounds + 11 Shoulder Presses

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