January 25, 2018

Thursday 180125

For Time:
-9 Front Squats 95/65 RX+115/75 MRX 75/55
-10 Front Rack Lunges(stationary, alternating)
-200m Run or 0.5km A Bike or 200m Row
-10 Front Rack Lunges
-9 Front Squats
REST 2min
-10 Back Rack Lunges (stationary, alt)
-12 Back Squats
-600m Run or 1.5km A Bike or 600m Row
-12 Back Squats
-10 Back Rack Lunges (stationary, alt)
**Dumbbells or SandBags CAN be used for this WOD if able or desired**
DBs x 2 = 45/30 RX+50/35 MRX 35/25 Sandbags = 80/50 MRX 65/35

Post time to responses.


WHAT: Baby Shower Brunch Celebrating Melissa Stone!

WHEN: Sunday, January 28th @ 2pm

WHERE: Maryn’s (Alan’s Ale Room)

WHO: All CFJ Ladies

RSVP: Cindi Carter 918-704-6480 or Nikki Savage: 918-720-8616

*Melissa is registered at buybuybaby & landofnod