22 thoughts on “February 14, 2018”

  1. Team “AHA” (Angie, Heidi, Angel)

    Barbel weights: Angie 55, Heidi 64, Angel 45
    Various subs and modifications (Heidi did some dumbbell stuff, we used 4# ball for over the bar because the heavy ball HURTS when it hits your face, and we opted out of penalty burpees because that just doesn’t sound like Love to me!)

    Time: 20:32

  2. WOD with the awesome and powerful B
    Rx for me, Rx+ for her
    18:30 (I think?)
    One round of penalty burpees when I couldn’t hold the rack anymore during the PPs

  3. WOD w/ David
    14:23 and 10 burpees before row (compared to 23:33 and 25 burpees last year)

    17:21 total time

    Great job, David.

  4. WOD w/Greg (me: rx+ w/20# wallball / greg: mrx w/20# wallball)


    Thanks for partnering with me Greg! Sorry for making you do so many burpees:/

  5. WOD rx’d w/max and 20# wallball
    11:37 before row
    14:07 total time
    No penalty burpees! Great job max! Thanks for letting me be ur partner and not yelling at me at any point!

  6. WOD w/ my valentine Kait!
    16:50 (2:30 PR) before Row
    19:19 total, beat last year’s time by :01 including row.
    Only got yelled at twice this year, which is the real PR!

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