February 21, 2018

Wednesday 180221

For Time:
“The Sprint Run/Row Mile or 4km A Bike”
-400m Run
-Rest 1min
-200m Run
-Rest 1min
-400m Run
-Rest 1min
-200m Run
-Rest 1min
-400m Run
3rds of:
-15 WallBalls 20/14 10/9′ MRX 20/10 9′
-10 Pull-ups RX+ C2B
-5 Hang Power Snatch 135/95 RX+ 155/105 MRX 115/75 OR 10 DB Power Snatch Alternating Arms 50/35lbs MRX 45/30lbs
Opposite method/mode of Start
“The Sprint Row/Run Mile or 4km A Bike”
-400m Row
-Rest 1min
-200m Row
-Rest 1min
-400m Row
-Rest 1min
-200m Row
-Rest 1min
-400m Row
Post time to responses.


CrossFit Jenks is so excited to be hosting our 8th CrossFit Open! The 2018 CrossFit Open is for EVERYONE no matter your skill level. Whatever your into, competing against your peers, challenging yourself, conquering a new skill or qualifying for a spot to the next level, we encourage you to SIGN UP (make sure to list CFJ as your Team and affiliate)!

The first workout (18.1) will be released this Thursday, February 22nd! This is the game plan for CrossFit Jenks:

Friday: The Open WOD will be the Workout of the Day & that evening we will host the CFJ Open Showdown from 4:30-6:30. This event will be run in heats and will foster a fun, encouraging and competitive atmosphere! Feel free to bring your friends and family to cheer on all our Athletes!

Saturday: 8am & 9am- Regular CFJ classes; 10am-12pm- Open WOD

Sunday: 11am-1pm- Open WOD

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our coaches.

We’re looking forward to another fun, encouraging and competitive Open Season!

23 thoughts on “February 21, 2018”

  1. WOD as rxd: opted not to run. Did assault bike first then row; also did DB snatch (50#)
    Completed at 26:15 (adjusted time minus 8 min rest = 18:15)
    Bike/row breakdown
    1km- 1:23
    0.5km- 0:34
    1km- 1:39
    0.5km- 0:35
    1km- 1:37
    400m- 1:45
    200m- 0:39
    400m- 1:38
    200m- 0:41
    400m- 1:36

  2. WOD as rx’d w/assault bike, 35# DB snatches, and row

    Finished bike @10:20
    3 rounds @18:49 (rested too much on snatches)

    Total = 30:29 – 8:00 = 22:29

    Fun one!

  3. 50ghd sit-ups

    Jenks Mile run: 10:03-4:00=6:03
    3X: 15 wallball (20#, 10’), 10 pull-up, 10 alt. dumbbell snatch (50#)
    Jenks Mile row: 31:23

  4. WOD rx’d w/run and row and 35# alternating DB snatches
    9:35(0:28PR!!) never been under 10:00 on jenks mile!
    Total time=28:12

  5. SUPER STONE! I can’t say enough or thank Super Stone enough. So indebted, thankful and blessed to have him save me and make me part Terminator! Thank you Super Stone. Also, Great Arms, HUGE and Jacked!
    WOD OH Yea, able to RX This one.
    Row 1mile
    3 rds of 15 WBs, 10 Pull-ups and 10 DB Snatch 50lbs
    A Bike 4k
    Total time = 27:00 (adjusted time minus 8 min rest = 19:00)

  6. Thanks OKIE!!
    You bring the enthusiasm like none other!!

    Wod with 115#, 20# 10’, strict pull-ups
    Rowed first (9:26)
    Bike mile (9:59)

  7. Wrangled up some koda peeps and did this wod 🙂
    Rx with all rows as it was snowing
    Did 4 rounds instead of 3 because why not
    15 wb to 10” with 14#
    10 pull-ups
    10 35# alt db snatches

    28:53 -8:00 = 20:53

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