Thursday, April 11, 2019

“30/30 Chipper”
30sec work -30sec rest -30 work -30 rest 
2 sets of 30sec work each exercise
For Total Reps:

-OH Plate Lunges (alt/stationary) 45/35lbs RX+ 55/45 MRX 35/15
-Hang Power Snatch
-Box Jumps 24/20″ RX+ 30/24 MRX 20/12 
-Strict Pull-Ups or Kipping or both
-Over Bar Burpees
-Dumbbell or KB Snatches (1arm 30sec each) 
-Strict HSPU or Kipping or both
-KB Goblet Squats
-Knees to Elbow or V-Ups
-SDHP with Barbell or KB
-Row or A- Bike for Cals
-GHD Hip Extensions
Score is total reps from all exercises
*Athletes Choice on Order of Exercises* 
Loads = 95/65 RX+ 115/75 MRX 75/55 
KBs = 55/35# RX+ 70/55# MRX 45/25#