Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Exercise helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases. Exercising regularly lowers a person’s risk of developing some diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Exercise also can help keep your body at a healthy weight. Exercise can help a person age well. A form of high intensity interval training, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movement performed at a high intensity level. These movements are actions that you perform in your day-to-day life, like squatting, pulling, pushing etc.
CrossFit can be an excellent program with some modifications and supplements such as the pure cbd oil. Benefits of the program include: CrossFit builds muscle to boost metabolism. CrossFit participants can expect to build strength and increase muscle mass.

For time: 
21 Over the bar burpees 
7 Clean & Jerk 185/125# Rx+225/155# MRX 135/95#
15 Over the bar burpees
5 Clean & Jerk
9 Over the bar burpees
3 Clean & Jerk