27 thoughts on “August 11, 2016”

  1. I am not a fan of “Kelly”……just mentally defeats me every time! 🙁

    WOD as Rx’d = 31:16

    Great job 5 am! Felt happy to see so many other people to suffer through this pain with!!!

  2. well that was fun to do in a cool and crisp 107 degrees!
    “Kelly” as rxd
    Not a pr.. Well done 430, that was draining! Dave you’re a machine

  3. Samantha Morgan

    “Kinda Kelly” 🙂
    400m run, 400m row, 1k bike, 400m run, 1k bike
    30 Box step-ups w/some jumps
    15 wall balls @ 14# some 9′ and some 10′
    39:30 w/approx 6 minute rest

    For fun:
    40 reverse lunges w/20 lb DB’s

    Thanks Breck & Blocker for making me keep going!

  4. First time doing this workout a lot of fun and a lot of pain


    AS RX 25:53

    Good job everyone 630 class way to fight the heat

  5. “Kelly” rx’d
    Horrible day glad to just finish that in a brutally hot day! Don’t know how many times I sat down on the box and rested. Wall balls took absolutely forever and my runs were at a slow trot…but WOD completed ha!

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