September 28, 2016

Wednesday 160928

Team WODs:

In 2 Athlete teams

WOD #1 “Rowing Showdown”

– 1800m Row For Time

-(Rules = Athletes must switch every 300m)

WOD #2 “Alternating Chipper Abilities”

20min AMRAP:
-10 Pull-ups Athlete 1
-10 Pull-ups Athlete 2
-5 Burpees Athlete 1 Regular Burpees
-5 Burpees Athlete 2 Regular Burpees
-12cal Row Athlete 1
-12cal Row Athlete 2
-15 KBS Athlete 1 24/16kgs or 32/24 or 20/12
-15 KBS Athlete 2 24/16kgs or 32/24 or 20/12
-5 Burpees Athlete 1
-5 Burpees Athlete 2
-10 T2B Athlete 1
-10 T2B Athlete 2
-12cal Row Athlete 1
-12cal Row Athlete 2 = 1 Round, start over
**Athletes must slap hands before alternating

Post results for WOD’s to responses.


28 thoughts on “September 28, 2016”

  1. 6:07.8 thanks for pairing up Gentle Giant (Jeremy) he rows angry. I tried to keep up!!

    WOD with 55# KBS
    2 complete rounds plus 2 T2B.

    GOOD job Jeremy!! I have to keep telling myself I’ve been back for less than a month.

    Good job Adam and Kevin, Nice performance.

  2. Team WODs with Adam (55# KBS)
    1) 6:10
    2) 3 rounds + 9 burpees

    Thanks Paul. Our goal was just to keep up with you and Jeremy.

  3. Thanks Kevin. I was spent after WOD 1, keeping up with Jeremy was no easy task. 1 pull and he had 300m. Lol. My grip disappeared for WOD 2, I went home and had bruising on my abs (I’m thinking I was slapping myself with the rower handle or the Burpees). Awesome job on the 3 rounds.

  4. Team: Angie-B-Dupler
    Me 35#kb, B 45#, Dupler 55#?

    WOD 1 = 7:30
    WOD 2 = 2 rds + 13 TTB

    We finished out a third round at roughly 23 min.

    Thanks for letting me slow you two down today!

  5. Team WOD with PEPER

    WOD 1- 6:27

    WOD 2- 2 rounds and finished 16 T2B

    Way to go pepper you killed it you kept we wanting to go fast you definitely weren’t slowing me down I loved the energy and push very fun workout today

  6. With Jewel

    WOD #1 “Rowing Showdown”
    – 1800m Row For Time

    Score: 7:17.6

    WOD #2 “Alternating Chipper Abilities”
    20min AMRAP: 55#/35# kbs

    Score: 2 rounds + pull-ups and started burpees

  7. Team Alonsofearn – just trying to keep up with The Machine that is Mr. James Redfearn

    1800m row – 6:33.9
    …not sure but I think I saw a time or two where Dusty didn’t tag Connor – just saying (haha – j/k) Awesome time Dusty/Connor – you two killed it today! jerks.

    mod – I did 5 T2B (the machine did 10)

    2rds + 9 burpees (2nd set of burpees)

  8. Team Hodges
    1800m row: 6:28

    WOD w/ring rows for me and GHDs for both
    It wouldn’t be a partner WOD if I didn’t screw something up… forgot a round of burpees in round 3.
    2 rounds + 20 GHD’s

  9. Team Blocker

    1800m row:
    7:30, although that doesn’t feel right. Rower kept resetting.

    Wod 2:
    Both used 35# kb, I did 10 cal bike for rows

    3rds + 11 pull-ups

    All my pull-up muscles are DONE! See y’all Friday.

  10. Team WOD w/ Dusty:

    1800M row – 5:41.6
    20 min AMRAP – 3 rounds + 18 Pull-ups (70# KB)

    Damn Russ & JC! – nice job! We got showed up on the “Rowing Showdown”

  11. Team WOD w/Lori (thanks for teaming up with the old lady)!!! It was fun!

    1800M Row: 8:56

    WOD w/25# KB, jumping pull ups and knee raises

    2 rds + Lori did 10 pull ups

  12. Great job Georgie! Such great endurance.
    Jamie you’re amazing! You and baby Griffin were great team members.

    1800m = 6:36
    Wod2= 2rds + 13t2b.

  13. Teamed with John in the 6:30 class.
    WOD1: Forgot time, but we dominated the mixed gender teams in our class.
    WOD2: Completed 2 rounds and all KBS (55#) in round 3.

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