27 thoughts on “October 29, 2016”

  1. Grace Rx
    2:28 (PR by 1:56)

    First time ever that I beat Chad in a WOD. Naturally, he did Grace again and beat my time by 2 seconds. Oh well. I’m just happy I PR’d. Great job Chad.

  2. Trying to save the tatas with my moves!!

    WOD as Rx
    4:53 (PR) last time at weight July 16, 2014 (7:40)

    Thanks Kevin and everyone for the push.

    Success isn’t always about greatness, it’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” — The Rock

  3. Grace RX
    9am class-2:47
    10am class- 2:26

    Happy I could beat my time and Kevin you killed that grace amazing pr you inspired me to try it again and give it my best which helped a lot good job Brian you killed it to and stayed consistent with your clean and jerks and Paul that’s a huge pr good job man

  4. Hello Everyone in case you don’t have our address for the party tonight @ 7:30!

    7742 S Indian Ave
    Tulsa 74132

    Hope to see everyone!

    First time doing grace rx’d

  5. Grace with Nikki! Great job, girl! First time Rx’d!
    2:27. PR! (Previous time: 3:14)
    Great job everyone on all the PRs! Max, that was crazy! Nicole=amazing!

  6. Perspective:
    Mat Fraser 2016 CrossFit Games Champion
    Grace = 1:18 PR
    Max CrossFit Jenks = 1:20 PR (unbelievable)
    And Breck 10yrs of CrossFit PR’s today in his forties! Shannon the something.
    So cool to see all the PR’s and everyone so motivated.
    Grace Rx = 2:23

  7. Great job you all! Amazing job of pushing and picking it up when it hurt! Great double Chad!

    Grace as Rx’d – 3:08, all singles, PR

    Handstand walk work after
    10 shoulder taps
    8′ walk, 18′ walk, 12′ walk

    Thanks Meredith for judging my 18′ walk 😀

  8. “Grace” as rxd first timer yesterday
    Today did the Tulsa run! Congrats on all the PR’s you all are beaaaaaaaasts!

  9. Meredith doesn’t mess around. Breaking bars and crushing her deadlift PR as of late. Way to keep consistent and continuing to grow Mer Bear!

    CF Jenks way to come out and push hard for breast cancer awareness and crush Barbells for Boobs. Such a great cause to give to and go hard for!
    I am very, very impressed with your GRACE scores. So many PRs and insane first time scores! I would have given an arm for some of those 1st time scores.
    GRACE RXd = 2:55 – Crazy happy for this as this is the first Grace since my shoulder and knee surgery. Forward, always keep moving forward!

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