December 12, 2016

Monday 161212

For Time: 
-250m Row
-21 Thrusters 95/65 RX+115/80 MRX 75/55
REST 2min
-200m Run
-21 C2B Pull-Ups MRX Pull-Ups
REST 2min
-500m Row
-15 Thrusters
REST 2min
-400m Run
-15 C2B Pull-ups MRX Pull-Ups
REST 2min
-1000m Row
-9 Thrusters
REST 2min
-800m Run
-9 C2B Pull-ups MRX Pull-Ups
**Athletes can start with run or row portion**

Post total time minus 10 minutes of rest to responses.


31 thoughts on “December 12, 2016”

  1. WOD – did pull-ups instead of C2B, 95# for thrusters, assault bike in place of runs (0.5k, 1k, 2k)
    31:01- 10 minutes of rest= 21:01

  2. Max set of pull-ups = 16

    WOD w/55#
    250m Row/21 thrusters = 2:27
    500m bike/21 pull-ups = 2:59
    500m row/15 thrusters = 3:18
    1000m bike/15 pull-ups = 3:21
    1000m row/9 thrusters = 5:48
    2000m bike/9 pull-ups = 5:04

    Total: 32:57 – 10 min rest = 22:57

    60 military abmat sit-ups
    30 GHD sit-ups

  3. Max pull-ups = 35 reps….thanks Adam for setting a goal # for me to try and accomplish

    WOD as Rx’d = 32:18 – 10 = 22:18…..rough WOD w/ all those C2Bs!!!

  4. Max Pull-ups: 53 (2 rep pr)

    WOD rx’d w/hang clean to push press and assault bike instead of run

    29:15- 10:00= 19:15

    Core Development

  5. Max rep PLU – 20 reps (4 rep pr)

    75# Thrusters
    PLU’s in place of C2B
    All Row

    30:47 – 10:00 = 20:47

    Great noon class! Have a great afternoon!

  6. Two real deal studs getting after it. I always feel privileged when I get to coach these two gentlemen at 5am. Way to get after it Jim and BP!

    Everything felt hard and heavy today and flat out hurt, but I did not quit nor stop!
    C2B = 35 reps
    WOD RXd = 20:52
    The runs about killed me but I did not walk ever. It hurt real bad and I kept telling myself if I stop a sniper will shoot me. I did not stop because I was hurting so bad I believed myself. Can’t wait to get a new motor reinstalled as this one is shot.

    GHD and Butterfly sit-ups complete!

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