December 24, 2016

Saturday 161224

18min AMRAP:

-3 Squat Cleans 165/115 RX+ 205/135 MRX 135/85
-36 Double-unders RX+ 12 Triple-Unders
-6 Burpee C2B Pull-ups RX+ 6 Burpee Bar MUs MRX 6 Burpee Pull-ups
-12 HSPU or 3 Wall Walks RX+ 30ft Handstand Walk MRX 12 HSPU 2/4″ rise or 2 Wall Walks

Post rounds and reps to responses.


8 thoughts on “December 24, 2016”

  1. Looking Like “Air Justin” Way to show your explosive power abilities. Stay the course!
    A. Quick Build Up to WOD weight
    B. 4+3 RX
    Pumped to have been able to get this in.
    *Merry Christmas Eve CFJ*

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