Friday, August 28, 2020

WOD Credit: “The Box Programming”
In teams of 2: 
“I Go U Go”
60 Rounds for time:
1 Power Clean 95/65 Rx+135/95# MRX 75/55#
2 Front Squats
3 S2O
4 Burpees over the bar
*One athlete completes a full round then switch*

38 thoughts on “Friday, August 28, 2020”

  1. Stength- PC, 2 FS, 3 S2O complex
    135, 155, 165, 175, 185

    Wod Rx’d with Tyler

    Great Job Tyler! The important thing is we beat Kaitlyn and Sam

    1. Just came here to say we lapped you guys and you somehow still beat us. I think you guys did 20 rounds each lolllll
      Great job guys!!

  2. Strength complex

    WOD RX with Jennifer C. and Stephanie

    I calculated they would have been 3 minutes faster without me…

  3. Complex

    Wod rx + with the speedy-all-mighty-barbell-cycling-bunny-rabbit-hopping- Chad Warren

    Absolutely buzzing 6a today, loved it. Thanks for being patient with me Chad, you pushed me!

  4. Complex
    Wod RX+ W/Georgie
    Awesome work today Georgie you pushed me to go faster

    1. Maddy and Abigail teamed up.
      Complex at 25#.
      Maddy at 25#. First 10 rounds as written. Scaled to 1/2/2/2 for remainder.
      Abigail w/bar. 1/2/2/2.
      Time: 27:50

  5. Strength: 1PC/ 2FS/ 3S2O complex

    WOD Rx w/ Hudson (20# barbell)
    Hudson and I made it through 20 rds apiece in 19:??
    Finished my last 10 at 26:56 on the clock.

  6. Stregnth

    WOD RX+ with Breck
    Made it to about 20/60 rounds pretty good and the wheels flew the f*** off the bus
    time was 27 something, Pretty sure Breck was capable of sub 20.

    1 hour later heart rate still 150+

  7. Strength:

    Wod. Rx’d w/ Kevin O.

    Great Job K.O., you definitely pushed the pace for our team! Burpees are still real dumb.

  8. Cluster

    WOD w/Nikki (Rx) and Rx+ for me
    Hot and sweaty; great job Nikki and 4:30

    Summer PowerAbs
    W/Chrissy and Sonja

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