Day: January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Thursday 180111

Team WOD
“Taking Turns” by DB
20min AMRAP:
-20 Clean & Jerks 155/105 RX+ 185/125 MRX 115/75
-20 Burpee T2B
-120 Doubles (4 sets of 30, 2 each)
-20 Partner Passing Wallball Sit-ups 20lbs MRX 14lbs “anchors/DBs 2 foot apart”

**Taking Turns is a you go, I go format, 1rep alternating at a time, except on DUs; 20 total reps is 10 each round; On C&J bar must touch floor, before next rep, on Burpee T2B person’s feet must touch floor, before next rep, Doubles 30 at a time x 2 each**

Post rounds and reps to responses.

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