November 29, 2017

Wednesday 171129

“Team Tuff Chipper” by DB
For Time:
-25 Over Bar Burpees
-50 Deadlifts 115/75 RX+ 135/95 MRX 95/65
-50Hang Power Cleans
-50 Barbell Push-Ups MRX Push-Ups
– 5 Rope Climbs 15′ MRX 10′
-50 WallBalls 20/14lbs 10/9′ MRX 20/10 9′
-50 Partner Passing Wallball Sit-ups 20lbs MRX 14lbs “anchors/DBs 2 foot apart”
-1000m Row or 2.5km A Bike
-100 KBS 55/35# RX+ 70/55# MRX 45/25#
-100 Double-unders
-50 HSPU or 10 Wall Walks
-50 Pull-Ups RX+ C2B
-50 Bar Dips RX+ Ring
-50cal A Bike or 50cal Row
-50 Power Cleans
-25 Over Bar Burpees
*1 work / 1 rest, can break up reps as team desires, must slap hands to switch/change*

Post time to responses.


27 thoughts on “November 29, 2017”

  1. Team Sleephead w/ Rachel
    Rx’d except for… I used 10’ Rope, Rach used 8# WB, combination of WC’s & HSPU’s, all rowing, called it at 25 Pwr Cleans.

  2. Team “Me, Myself, and I”

    Modified as 5 RFT otherwise Rx (Row/Bike) with 40-minute hard cap:
    2 rounds + 113 reps (57m Row)

    My partner, Big Blue, refused to pass the wallball back, so I had to bounce it off of him. That cost us the last two and a half rounds. I can lean on him post WOD. During the WOD, however, he’s useless.

  3. Team Spicoli (Ridgemont High) & Chunk (The Goonies)

    I rocked out a few mods:
    -bended knee rope descents
    -parrallette dips
    *we did wall walks in place of HSPU

    Nice job Spicoli!!


    Just under the cap – heyyyooo!

  4. Team Just a Little Behind Shannon & Jeremy
    Rxd w/ rows

    Great job, Jeremy! Thanks for doing all those dips…ropes…
    Way to push, Breck & Mere! Impressive!

  5. Ughhhhh “team winners” 3 seconds really!? Great job to u all! We call for a rematch side by side whether u want to or not max!

  6. Thanks Linda for partnering with me!

    I used 75# barbell, 35# kb, 20 lb seated db press for HSPU, 12# wb for sit-ups, parallette dips, ring rows, 2x single unders, 2x rope pulls, all rows

    44:21 (contemplated stopping at 40, but decided to keep going…though the thought of not doing any more burpees almost swayed me)

  7. Melanie, sorry you had to partner with an old lady….but on a positive got a better work out as you did more work!!! And you are looking AMAZING!!! And thanks Nicki for having me partner with Melanie. I definitely did a lot more than I would have by myself!!
    It was fun!
    I used only 45# barbell, 25# KB, started with 20# DB for seated press..only did 3 or 5 and then I switched to 15#..and all the rest same as Melanie posted


  8. CrossFit Federal Way, WA

    Split jerks up to 205#, 215#

    60 pistols
    50 box jumps 24”
    40 WB 20#/10’
    30 front squats 125#
    20 push jerks
    10 push press


  9. Teamed up with Kellen F, he kicked my butt.

    6 power cleans at the time cap. 30 total HSPU then 4 wall walks after we had spent a considerable amount of time staring at the wall.

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