August 28, 2007

Tuesday 070828

400 meter Walking lunge

Post time and number of steps to comments.

Special thanks to my dad, Dennis Berry for all his hard work over the past two days building CrossFit Jenks new pull-up bars!


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  1. The CrossFit Jenks (FIT) facility is looking great. What a great pull-up bar concept. That Big Dennis Berry guy is alright. What a great role model and helper.
    OkieDb had to modify the WOD today to train-up some trainees for an Army PT test. The training is posted below.
    MY time as RXd below was = 49:09 Other Cadets and Cadre times varied, faster and slower

    APFT Focused Workout of the Day (WOD) #2

    3 rounds of 20 reps of each exercise, for fastest time. Push Yourself!!!

    *Start Stopwatch*
    • Run 1/2 mile (2 laps around Porter Bldg (this is approximately a 1/2mile)

    • Pull-ups (if you can’t perform pull-ups perform pull-downs with 2/3rds of body weight)

    • Bench-press (body weight or 2/3rds of body weight)

    • Dumbell Curls (35lbs or a weight that is challenging)

    • Push-ups (to Army standard)

    • Walking Overhead Dumbell Lunges (10lb dumbbells for 50ft)

    • Back extensions (on Glute-ham/roman chair developer)

    • Glute-ham/roman chair developer Sit-Ups

    *Remember this is one set, (repeat 2 more times to = 3 sets) then stop stopwatch*
    You will have run 1 mile and a ½, and performed 60 reps of all exercises.

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