May 25, 2017

Thursday 170525

Mainsite WOD April 11, 2017

5 RFT: 
– 4 Clean & Jerks 225/155 MRX 50-60 185/125 MRX 60+ 155/105
– 6 Bar Muscle-ups MRX 6 Burpee Pull-ups or 6 C2B & 6 Bar Dips
– 40-ft. Handstand Walk MRX 120′ Bear Crawl

Post time to responses.


This Saturday, CFJ will be hosting the Murph Challenge on a modified morning schedule; we will have an 8am and a 10am class. We have canceled the 9am to allow plenty of time for this Hero WOD to be completed by all athletes. We look forward to seeing all of you here!

22 thoughts on “May 25, 2017”

  1. Strength with David: Clean & Jerk
    135-155-185-205-225-245(failed jerk; 10# Squat Clean PR)

    WOD with 185#/155#, Bar MU’s, Bear Crawl:
    19:14 (switched to 155# during third round)

  2. Power Clean and Jerks
    Just went up to 155#
    WOD rx’d
    4 rds in 19:50
    Had to wait a bit in between each C&J..this is 95% of my 1rep max jerk and about 90% of power clean
    Lookin good Angie!!

  3. Clean & Jerk
    135/145/155/165/185/200 (5# PR) 🙂

    mods: 155# C&J, Burpee PLU’s, & Bear Crawls



    *almost had you breck! Great job nooners – too many rock stars to name!

  4. Clean & Jerk
    205-225-245-265 failed jerk-265 (either 10# jerk PR or tied PR)-275 failed clean-275 failed clean

    should have started squat cleaning before 275 so I would be ready for it. You live and you learn.

    WOD as rx’d
    2 rds + 6 bar MU’s at cap

    Those 225# C&J’s got HEAVY really fast. HS walk got ugly in round 2. Bar MU’s were 5/1 – 3/3 – 3/3, which felt great!

    Should have gone for 185# from the start and bear crawl after 2nd rd to get a better workout in, but happy I got some heavy volume. Thanks for the push Nicole & Georgie! Thanks for lifting w/ me Breck!

  5. Clean/Jerk

    WOD 225#/BarMU/Bear Crawl
    18:35 Bear crawls were the worst part!!!

    Breck great job today, totally dismantled that WOD!!!

  6. Clean (power) & jerk
    105-115-125-135-145-150- 155(f)

    wod as rx’d – but 135# not 155#, bar mu’s, and handstand walk
    3 rounds + 4 bar mu’s
    toughy but a fun one! way to go 155# jess, you little beast!
    good job nooners 🙂

  7. C&J
    105-125-135-145-155 (pr) for the SC but failed the jerk 🙁

    WOD with 105 CTB-dips and beat crawls 15:00

  8. At 9:30
    Squat Clean and Jerk
    185-205-225-235-245(DNA jerk)-255(f)
    WOD w/225 for 1 rd then 205 and bear crawls.
    Completed 4 rds at 20 min time cap.
    At 4:30 got in yesterday’s squats.

  9. Clean and jerk
    185-205-225-245-255-275(10lb PR for my split jerk)
    Chasing after that 315 clean&jerk

    Wod as RX’D
    4 rounds+ 2 C&J all push jerks and bar MU unbroken first round of handstand walk wasn’t cooperating so I lost time there

    Happy with this even though I didn’t finish cause 225 is 20lbs off of my 1RM push jerk
    So for me to do this 18 times was awesome to me

    Great job everyone fun day I’ll see you guys Saturday!!!!!

  10. Clean & jerks. (All power cleans)

    Wod. w/185#, Bar MU, handstand walks
    18:48. Great job Shawn.

  11. C & J

    WOD MRx (155#, burp pu, bear crawl)

    Just happy I finished before cap. Hardest workout I’ve done in awhile. Maximum effort.

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