2 thoughts on “August 18, 2007”

  1. Awesome, a CrossFit Training Facility in Jenks. I look forward at training here especially since Mr. Berry gives a discount to the Military, Police, Fire and even students. I was not able to make it in for today’s WOD “JT” but posted my time (see below) after I dealt with JT (I need work on handstand push-ups, but pressed through to better my intestinal fortitude and body).
    Lastly, as I was cruising this new CrossFit site, I noticed the trainer received 5th place at the National CROSSFIT GAMES, outstanding and exceptional performance. I can’t wait to meet him and I look forward to working out with him and actually see him possibly perform FRAN and LINDA and other WODs as demos and enlighten us with blocks of instruction to help us train and better our PRs. Hope to meet and workout with some local Okies also since there is now a CrossFit close to my neck of the woods. OkieDB

    “JT” as RXd = 11:56 (full ROM to standard on all Handstand Push-Ups, Ring Dips and Push-Ups)

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