October 26, 2016

Wednesday 161026

16min AMRAP:

-4 Clean & Jerk 135/95 MRX 95/65
-6 Muscle-ups MRX 6 C2B Pull-ups
-8 HSPU MRX 8 Push-Ups w/feet on 2/1 45lb plate
-10 Pistols (alt, 5each leg) MRX 10 Air Squats

Rest 3min after WOD

-1min Max Reps Barbell Floor/Shoe to Over Head (Athlete starts with bar in Hang Clean position, on command of go, athlete lowers bar and touches shoe, then cleans to shoulder and overhead = 1 rep, continue to touch shoe, to shoulder to overhead for max reps)

Post rounds, reps and “finisher” to responses.