April 28, 2017

Friday 170428

ATTENTION: Due to the construction in the parking lot, we are asking that you pull in to the drive just to the North of our entrance and park in the lots between the buildings to the Northwest of CrossFit Jenks (You may also park along that roadway next to the buildings). There is a marked off walkway for you to make your way to our building.

We greatly apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we make it through this transitional period. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Weakness Work/Progression/Strength
Training (Athlete makes 3 choices based on greatest weaknesses and choices each min, with a rest/adjustment on 4th min)
List is not all inclusive, use progressions to build up/develop
15min set-up and prep for EMOM Training
Alternating EMOM for 28 minutes
– 1-2 Rope Climb w/feet or Legless
– 8 Pistols (4 each leg)
– 2-4 Squat/Pwr Clean at 50-75% of 1 RM
– 2-4 Squat/Pwr Snatch at 50-75% of 1 RM
– 2-5 Muscle-ups (bar or ring)
– 3-5 Ring Dips (strict or kipping)
– 3-5 Pull-ups (strict or kipping)
– 3-10 HSPU deficit, parallette, strict, kip
– 10-50ft Handstand Walk
– 30-40 Double unders or 10-15 attempts
– ODD Lifts/ Odd Objects
i.e. 1st min = 2 MU progressions – 2nd min = 4 HSPU – 3rd min = 6 Pistols 4th min = Rest

Post movements and results to responses.


We will be closed this Saturday, April 29th for the Spartan Challenge competition. We encourage all of you to  come out and support our teams!

12 thoughts on “April 28, 2017”

  1. Have fun and bring it at the Spartan Challenge tomorrow all CFJ teams!
    Hour of work as rx’d: 7 rds of 4 minute EMOMs
    1st minute: 5 strict pull-ups
    2nd minute: 5 strict ring dips
    3rd minute: 6 kipping T2B + 10 push-ups
    4th minute: rest
    After 28 minutes
    Did 2k row (8:35)
    60 GHD sit-ups

  2. 1st min – 4 squat snatches 55#
    2nd min – 10 wall ball shots 10#
    3rd min – 6 pull ups (working to get bigger sets unbroken, some chest to bar)

    practiced strict pull ups a little

    TGIF! And good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

  3. 1st min=3 D ball shoulder overs@80#
    2nd min=3 strict ring MUs
    3rd min=free standing HSPU..First couple rounds kipping then went to strict..most i made consecutive was 6
    Welcome back Sullivan’s!! So great having u all back!!

  4. Min 1 – butterfly pull-ups
    Min 2 – hand stand walks
    Min 3 – 2 ring muscle ups

    Great seeing the Sullivan’s back!! Looking great Sydney.

    Breck – thanks for helping me with those butterfly’s

  5. Samantha Morgan

    Min 1: 6 strict dips with blue band
    Min 2: butterfly practice
    Min 3:
    squat cleans
    105# 3,3
    115# 3,3
    120# 2,2
    125# 2

  6. 7 rounds emom
    4 strict Pull Ups (5 the first two round to make 30)
    4 strict ring dips (5 the first two rounds to make 30)
    1 rope climb
    *all reps completed with 25# vest on.

  7. 12′ HS walk (focused on going unbroken, mostly 2-4 sets)
    2 squat snatches @ 135# (no misses)
    2 unbroken ring muscle ups first 1/2, then 2 unbroken bar muscle ups second 1/2 (no misses)

  8. Worked on:
    HS walk
    10 Butterfly/round
    2 Squat snatch 135#, missed a couple in later rounds but completed 2 each round

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