October 14, 2017

Saturday 171014

“Nowhere to Hide” by DB

12min AMRAP:

-6 Bar Facing Burpees
-5 Deadlifts 155/105 RX+ 185/125 MRX 125/85
-4 Hang Power Clean
-3 Front Squats
-2 Jerks

Post rounds and reps to responses.

Compare to October 5, 2016.


21 thoughts on “October 14, 2017”

  1. Up to 175# FS with Dani (she did 185). Best FS has felt in 2 years after fighting back issues. Hoping to eventually get back up to previous PR (225#) from about 2.5 years ago!

  2. Strength: Front Squats
    6@215, 5@230, 3@240, 2@255, 0@295

    WOD Rx (First time prescribed):
    4 rounds + 7 reps (1 DL)

    Partial “War Frank” (2RFT instead of 3RFT):
    25 Bar MU’s
    100 Squats
    35 GHD’s
    Time: ~32:XX

    25 Hip Extensions
    1min High Plank Hold
    1min Low Plank Hold

  3. 6 mile run
    AOK with jess practice
    wod as rx’d
    7 rounds + 3 FS
    FS with shannon! well done on your PR shan!!
    Up to 175# PR 🙂

  4. Practiced part of anarchy WOD..holding 115#front rack position while Georgie rowed 750m..that bout killed me ha (2:4?)
    Will have to make up front squats next week!
    WOD rx’d
    8rds+4DL (PR by over 2rds)
    25 hip extensions
    1min high plank hold into 1min low plank hold

  5. Strength w/ Georgie!! That girl pushes me!
    FS Up to 185# 20# PR and more in the tank

    WOD as rxd- 7 rounds

    WAY TO GO Meredith!! So strong!

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