Tuesday, January 28, 2020

TEAM Chipper WOD
For Time: 
-100 KBS (1works reps, 1 holds KB Gblt Sqt)
-80 BB Push-Ups (both in plank alternating)
-60 Deadlifts (1works reps, 1 holds BB at top)
-40 WB Sit-Ups (partner passing over barbell)
-20 Burpee Pull-ups(1works, 1hangs on bar )
-10 G2O (1works reps, 1 holds BB front rack)
-5 Muscle-Ups bar or ring (1works, 1 holds dip lock out)
-1k Row (1works, 1 holds BB OH)

Loads = 135/95 RX+155/105 MRX 95/65

WB Sit-ups = 20/14lbs MRX 20/10lbs

23 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 28, 2020”

  1. Partner w/Jacee
    35#kb, 10#wb, 65# DL & S2O, 35# OH hold, push ups most from knees, burpee plu/dip hold for MU
    Time = 25:20

  2. Solo WOD: Reverse order
    500m Row, 5 BMUs, 5 G2O (165# PS + HPS), 10 Burpee Pullups, 20 WB Situps, 30 135# Snatch DLs, 40 BB Pushup, 50 Strict 20# KBS

    Hang Power Clean: 2@185, 2@185, 2@185, 2@185
    Front Squat: 2@270, 2@270

  3. Partnered with James ‘The Machine’ Redfearn


    Thanks for knocking out those MU’s, James! Killed it!

    Thanks Breck! Fun WOD!

  4. WOD with David Hodges
    55# KB and 115# BB, David all Rx
    David did Bar MU, Ring Dip Hold for me.

    Good job David! Thanks for carrying me especially on the last exercise.

  5. Wod rx (ring mu)with Mighty Mouse

    Good work! Those holds during row, yikes thought I was having a seizure trying to hold that

    1. Good work Max!! And yes the hold at end was BRUTAL…Felt like my shoulder was going to come out of socket while I was shaking on that last :45+ hold….

    1. Good work today that hold was awesome showed how I could shake like a leaf if needed when holding stuff overhead

  6. WOD w/ Chrissy I did 95# and she did 65#
    Chrissy did burpee ring rows
    I did 1 BMU and Chrissy finished with burpee ring rows

    Tabata abs

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