Thursday, October 15, 2020

20 Minute Ascending AMRAP
1 Ring Muscle Up MRX 1 Double push-up burpee C2B pull-up
2 Devils Press 45/30# DB’s Rx+50/35# DB’s MRX 35/20# DB’s
2 Ring MU’s MRX 2 Double push-up burpee C2B pull-ups
4 Devils Press
3 Ring MU’s MRX 3 Double push-up burpee C2B pull-ups
6 Devils Press
4 Ring MU’s MRX 4 Double push-up burpee C2B pull-ups
8 Devils Press
5 Ring MU’s MRX 5 Double push-up burpee C2B pull-ups
10 Devils Press
………continue adding 1 rep to the MU’s and 2 reps to the Devils Press

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27 thoughts on “Thursday, October 15, 2020”

  1. Jeremy Fullingim

    Pre-WOD: 10 min EMOM alternating 200m row , 200 m run. Completed
    WOD modified: did 2 push-ups burpee C2B, used rx 45# for DP
    Completed the rounds through 6/12 then did 3 (2 push-ups burpee C2B.

  2. Metabolic conditioning: 10 min EMOM alternating 200m row , 200 m run. Completed As EMOM. (Run/Row order)

    Wod Rx’d
    2 muscle ups into the round of 6. Through the round of 10 Devils Press

    30 total Devils press
    17 total ring muscle ups

  3. Jessica Van De Wiele

    Metcon: took me 11:30 mins
    WOD 35# DB & burpee double push-up pull-ups

    Got through 6/12 + 7 burpee & 7 devils press

  4. Metabolic conditioning:
    Planned: 10 min EMOM alternating 200m row , 200 m run.
    Actual: After first 200m row, I didn’t really feel like getting off the rower, so I didn’t. . . .rowed 2000m.

    Wod Rx’d
    Through 12 Devil Presses
    (21 MUs and 42 DP)

  5. Garage WOD

    5rds For Time

    200m run
    3 wall walks
    6 goblet squats (53# KB)
    9 KB swings (53# KB)
    12 burpees
    15 v-ups


  6. Metabolic Conditioning: .5km bike/ 200m row
    Completed all rounds in 40-45 seconds

    WOD Rx:
    Competed 8 ring Mu’s in round of 9
    36 total muscle-ups
    72 total devil’s press

  7. Strength took me like :30 longer but completed all intervals
    Wod rx
    Finished set of 7 MU, got 4/8 MU.
    I Think that’s 32 MU which is probably a Wod pr for me.

  8. Activator:
    All completed in time (~:40-46 seconds/per round)
    *thanks for setting my running pace, Miranda!

    Wod. Rx’d
    Completed the 7MU/14DP round
    (total = 28 MU / 56 DP)

  9. Only had time to get either the activator or wod and I choose the:

    As Rx’d
    14 Devils Press in the round of 16
    MU’s=36 (unbroken through 7 and 8 was 5-3)

  10. 7 mile run
    Activator: 200m row/ 0.5K assault bike – completed
    wod as rxd
    1 MU into round of 7
    MUs = 22 (all singles/false grip – def a PR for me!!)
    DP = 42

  11. Metabolic conditioning

    WOD w/burped double push up strict pull-up and 30#
    Completed round 6/12 + 2

    Spent a lot of time during the 20 minutes lamenting that I didn’t take a rest day.

  12. Considering today an active recovery day. Lots of stretching and pounding water.
    Double header softball games this evening. Dragging Connor and Lane to the games as well. Should be fun!

  13. MetCon- completed all except last round. Did 200 M row and run to the first light post
    WOD w/30# and double pushup burpee C2B
    Completed 6 and 6 then tweeked my back so called it good

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