Wednesday, October 28, 2020

U go I go format:
In teams of two complete 30 Rounds for time of: (15 each)
10/8 Calorie Row or Bike
6 Hang Power Cleans 135/95# 155/105# MRX 95/65#
4 S2O
*One partner completes full round then switch*

29 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 28, 2020”

  1. Strength 1 rep- 215lbs

    Team Wod- David S & Stephen H
    Went at the same time as David
    45 rounds (15 each)


  2. Partner Wod w/Chase

    Each did 2 reps at 185# and called it good

    Wod Rx’d w/ AAB
    Way to push, and talk me into the AAB Chase!

  3. Strength: Hang clean/ S2O
    Worked up to 2@195

    WOD Rx: partnered w/ Max

    I held back the Hulk, sorry Max! Nice work!

    1. Complex
      Me: 145 (failed last jerk with 150 grr)
      Katie: 150 (too easy for you!!)
      Thanks for playing early with me Katie, great push today!

  4. 2RM Hang Clean & S2O

    As Rx’d with row
    With David and William–William started each round at the same time as David
    Time: 21:53
    Good job, gentlemen.

  5. Great pic, Shawn….what a dream boat!

    Strength – just got loosened up for the WOD – several sets at 115#

    WOD MRx+ (115#) w/ the man himself, Mr. Mark Fletcher

    ….was a fun one!

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