Monday, February 8, 2021

CrossFit Jenks is excited to be hosting our 10th CrossFit Open! The 2021 CrossFit Open is for EVERYONE no matter your skill level. Whatever your into, competing against your peers, challenging yourself, conquering a new skill or qualifying for a spot to the next level, we encourage you to SIGN UP HERE (make sure to list CFJ as your affiliate)! 

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For time: 
800 Meter Run
50 Pull-ups
600 Meter Run
30 Pull-ups
400 Meter Run
20 Pull-ups

25 thoughts on “Monday, February 8, 2021”

  1. Wod Rx- Running

    PP-165# EMOM for 10 minutes add a rep for the first 9, then max rep set for the 10th.
    11 reps on last round
    **I put the bar down with 40 seconds left for a quick rest. Then Breck reminded me it was a max rep SET, not just max reps. . . ***

  2. WOD
    As Rx’d with running in 28 degrees, 9mph north wind and felt like 19 degrees according to the weather app. I did have one hard fall on the 600 because of ice.
    Time: 14:34

    EMOM for 10 minutes with 135#
    1 push press the 1st min, 2 the 2nd minute, 3 the 3rd minute up to 9 minutes and should be unbroken sets. 10th minute is one max rep set.
    Max rep set=26

  3. Great pic Jess – strong!!!!

    Garage WOD

    EMOM – 20min
    Odd minute: 10 burps
    Even minute: 5 DB Thrusters (2-35# DB’s)

  4. Jeremy Fullingim

    Modified WOD:
    Bike (2k, 1.5k, 1k) & ring rows
    Strength Rx: push press using 95#
    10th minute (took a little over a minute to do max unbroken set – 30 reps

  5. WOD:
    All runs. Strict pull-ups (25-15-10).
    Time: 13:15

    Strength: completed @ 115#.
    Max rep round – completed 15 reps.

    Good job on the max reps Kev-O!

  6. 800 Meter Row
    50 Pull-ups
    600 Meter Row
    8 PU/22 GHD
    400 Meter Row
    20 GHD
    Time: 15:13

    Strength- 125#
    Max Rep set was 5*
    * TransUnion Credit Score is 805, so shut it!

  7. Mod Wod at home
    Ripped hand so I rowed and did ring rows

    Push Press ascending EMOM with 105#
    10 reps

    2019 CFJ open shirts? Does this mean 2020 hasn’t happened yet!? 😉

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