Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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SGT. Craig Johnson
AMRAP in 21:50
6 S2O 155/105# Rx+185/125# MRX 125/85#
30 Double Unders
20 Box Jumps 24/20” MRX 20/18”
400 Meter Run

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  1. 45/6’3”/185
    S2O- All push jerks
    “Sgt. Craig Johnson” Rx+
    4+42 (6 box jumps)

    *hero workouts are always my favorite, but this one is obviously extra special to me. Huge thank you to Breck for programming it in. Very grateful to be able to do this workout with my CFJ family. Thank all of you for sharing in this workout. Means more than I can express!

    1. Honored to do this workout and humbled to call you a friend Chris Butterfield. Thanks for everything you and your fellow officers do to protect our community.

  2. 6 push jerks (from the ground)

    Wod rx +
    6 + 36 (30 bj)

    Thank you to all who serve our city and especially to Chris for suffering next to me – we are honored you put your life on the line for us, thank you!

    1. Mainly because you wore your hero T-shirt the ENTIRE workout… I know that got heavy & claustrophobic for you. Now that’s a true hero

  3. 6 push jerks (from the ground)
    Wod rxd
    4 rds + 100m run
    RIP to Sgt. Johnson and all our fallen heroes.

  4. Push Jerk (power cleaned into)
    All sets of 6

    “SGT. Craig Johnson”
    Everything unbroken
    Rounds=5+20 Box Jumps

  5. Strength
    Tried all push jerks, wrists weren’t cooperating

    Wod rx+
    S2oh, dubs unbroken
    Box jump, run ☹️

  6. Strength/Activator
    E3MOM – 4rds

    -6 S2O (all at 135#)
    -6 DBall Overs (100#)
    -6 DBall Facing Burpee Overs
    -6 Wall Ball Shots (30# WB)
    …..that one hurt…

    Hero WOD – SGT. Craig Johnson
    MRx+ (all Rx movements except the S2O – did 135# on those)
    4rds + 200m run

    Very thankful for our men and women in blue – thoughts are with the Johnson family today!

  7. Strength 95, 105, 115, 125

    Wod RX’d
    Karma for not warming up my dubs, rope broke on second rep
    4+56 (400m left in round)
    Such an honor to do this hero WOD for Sgt Johnson, especially with my favorite LEO, Chris! I’m so grateful for all our men and women in blue!

  8. Strength: Up to 185# x 6. All Push-jerks.

    “SGT. Craig Johnson”
    Rx (155#)
    Everything unbroken (except for DU trip ups)

  9. 4 sets of 6 push press
    WOD w/45# and 6 burpees for DUs, 20 inch box step ups
    3 rds plus 15 box step ups

  10. Strength: 6-6-6-6 all jerks

    WoD: 125, Single Unders, changed to Step-ups 10 jumps into Round 2, 400m run.

    4 rounds- just barely. Thanks Tibor!

  11. Strength:
    165-195, then 12 very strict push-ups for 2 rounds

    Wod rx (20” box)
    4+20 BJ

    It’s been fun CFJ, see y’all around

  12. Push Jerk (power cleaned into)
    All sets of 6
    135/155/175/195(failed on 4th rep)

    “SGT. Craig Johnson”
    Rounds= 4+9

  13. Strength
    135-155-175-195(only 3)
    + 10 push-ups each round
    WOD RX+
    4 + 14
    Thanks to the men and women in blue!!

  14. Strength
    105-125-135-140 (just did 3 at 140 and stopped, felt fatigued)

    Sgt Craig Johnson WOD
    4+54 (2 box jumps and 400M left)
    S20 and Dubs unbroken
    All box jumps with step downs

    So thankful for all the men and women in blue but especially for my awesome hubby who truly loves serving his community and loves Tulsa/Jenks so much. Thank you to Breck and Nicole for programming this and everyone who did this in honor of Sgt Johnson today- y’all are the best.
    Thinking of Craig and his family today- always in our hearts!

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