July 6, 2018

Friday 180706

Team WOD
One athlete working, one athlete resting
18min AMRAP:
-200m Run or 0.5km A-Bike Partner A
-200m Run or 0.5km A-Bike Partner B
-10 DeadLifts 205/135 MRX 155/105 Partner A
-10 DeadLifts Partner B
-200m Row or 0.5km A-Bike Partner A
-200m Row or 0.5km A-Bike Partner B
-4 Alternating Rope Climbs 15′ MRX 10′ (i.e. Partner A and Partner B switch each climb)
-20 Partner Passing WallBall Sit-Ups (use one WallBall 20/14lbs, anchored but dumbbell anchor points are 2 wallballs apart, ball must touch floor behind head; 10 Each)
** Athletes must slap hands to switch/start, except sit-ups**

16 thoughts on “July 6, 2018”

  1. Happy Birthday Breck!!!! Thank you for all the time, dedication, and energy you pour into making CFJ such a great place!!!! Enjoy your special day!

  2. Team WOD MRx w/Taylor (Run/Row/14# WB):
    3 rounds

    Team Name: “Limbo Athletes” because we keep lowering the bar for everyone else 🙂

  3. Bench 10-5-5-10 @ 65-80-80-65

    Team WOD w/Heidi
    105#DL, 10’ rope, 10# WB, “air high fives”
    2 rds + 20 DL


  4. Bench e3mom
    10@185, 5@225, 5@225, 10@185

    Team ‘White Walkers’
    Jim and Mark
    Rx. Run/row
    2rnds+ 330m of row

  5. Bench Press
    10@185, 5@230, 5@230, 10@185

    WOD as rx’d with Miranda (20# wb, bike/row for me and run/row for her)
    7 wb sit-ups short of 3 rounds

  6. Bench: 10@135; 5 @ 165; 5 @165; 10@135
    WOD with Melanie
    We did assault bike first and then row
    Rx for weight. 14 # WB. Melanie did 5 pull-ups for 1 rope climb
    2 rounds plus 200m row

  7. Bench Press
    WOD rx’d w/Dylan (run/row)
    3rds+200m run
    Good work Dylan and Happy Birthday Breck!

  8. With Sam
    Rx minus the rope climbs (sam did 3 strict pull-ups per RC/ I did 2 straight leg Mods per RC)

    2rds + 3 RC

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