July 4, 2018

Wednesday 180704

Happy Independence Day, CFJ! We will be offering an 8am and 10am class this morning- all other classes are canceled.

Each interval, run for time and complete max reps of the movement:
8min to complete:
-1 mile Run or 1 mile Row MRX 1200m
-Max Deadlifts 275/185 RX+ 315/215 MRX 205/135
-Only 1min rest to adjust loads
10min to complete:
-1 mile Run or 1 mile Row MRX 1200m
-Max Power Cleans 185/125 RX+ 225/155 MRX 135/95
-Only 1min rest to adjust loads
12min to complete:
-1 mile Run or 1 mile Row MRX 1200m
-Max OHS 95/65 RX+ 135/95 MRX 75/55
Compare to December 13, 2014.
**Special Note, this WOD is slightly modified, the stimulus is run fast and lift heavy. The rests and adjustments of loads to accompany a class (RX+ is actual wt). Scale accordingly**

19 thoughts on “July 4, 2018”

  1. NUKES Rx+ w/rowing and 1 min rest/wt change
    7-7-30 (215-155-95)

    Happy 4th everyone, be safe!

    Hands need a break, they feel like they’ve been through a meat grinder

  2. Brute Oly Week Two
    3 Power Cleans to 1 Split Jerk: 95/135/145
    2 Split Cleans to 1 Split Jerk: 155/165/175/185
    3 Clean Pulls: 275/285/295
    5 Shoulder Presses: 95/115/115/125
    3 Back Squats: 185/205/225/235/245

  3. All rowing
    185 DL – 5
    125 power clean – missed 4, completed 1
    subbed 55# kB swing for OHS – 33

  4. “Nukes” rx’d
    Deadlifts: 4
    power cleans: 3
    OHS: 32 unbroken
    paced the 1st mile WAY too much..barely had any time left. Halfway through 2nd mile got a horrible side stitch and it was downhill from there shuffling my feet along on the rest of the running!

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