July 26, 2018

Thursday 180726

20min AMRAP:
– Run 400 meters or A-Bike 1km
– 15 T2B (odd rounds) 15 Weighted anchored Sit-Ups 25/15lbs RX+ GHD Sit-Ups MRX 15/10 (even rounds) alternate moves each round
– Row 400 meters
– 15 Hang Power Snatch 75/55 RX+ 95/65 MRX 55/35
**The runs, rows or bikes can be subbed with
-60m Sled Push 55lb/35lbs RX+ 75/55lbs MRX 45/25lbs
Rest 3min / Prep Bar
– 6min to Achieve a 2RM Hang Power Snatch
Post rounds, reps and 2RM load to responses.

23 thoughts on “July 26, 2018”

  1. WOD Rx w/Hang Muscle Snatches & 25# Wallball Anchored Situps
    2 rounds + 60m Sled Push

    2RM Hang Split Snatch:
    175# (10# PR; 1RM has been 165# since 4/10/2018)

  2. WOD w/sled pulls, drags, and pushes w/55#, 400m run, 15# weighted sit ups, and 55#HPS
    *odd rounds
    30m sled drag
    30m sled pull
    400m run
    *even round
    60m sled push
    400m run
    total=3 rds
    2@85-105-115-125-130(has to be a 2RM PR)

  3. WOD notes: ran once, then mixed row/sled (#45 – although the last one I mistakenly did the #35 one); 65# HSnatches; Bamboo V-ups; 15# anchored SU’s

    3rds + sled + 15 SU’s + 70m row

    Strength: 125# (PR)

  4. WOD RX w/ row then sled each round
    3 Rounds plus 400m row, 15 weighted sit-ups, 60m sled push and 8 HPS

    2RM Hang Power Snatch
    165#, 185#, 205#

  5. Wod. Rx’d.
    30m sled pull/30m drag for 1st 400
    60m sled push for 2nd 400
    Alternate weighted sit ups & GHD’s
    3 rounds + 30m sled pull

    145# / 155#(f)

  6. Wod Rx+: a round behind breck I think lol
    Finisher: 2@225 (think I might have had a little left in the tank)

  7. WOD
    Sled drag
    Sled push
    Rounds=3+6 HPS

    135-165-185(second rep was squat)-205(got 1 hang squat snatch and didn’t try another)

  8. WOD w/45# and mix of runs and rows, knees to elbows, 10# weight sit ups

    1 rd + 400M run, 15 knees to elbows and 200M row

    2RM HPS- just did 50#, didn’t try more

    Congratulations to everyone who got a PR today!

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