September 20, 2017

Wednesday 170920

21min AMRAP:
-Run or Row 200m or A Bike 0.5km
-5 Power Cleans 155/105 RX+ 185/125 MRX 125/85
-6 Hang Power Clean
-Row or Run 200m or A Bike 0.5km
– 7 Pull-Ups RX+ 7 Strict Pull-ups
– 14/11 Barbell Push-ups

Post rounds and reps to responses.


31 thoughts on “September 20, 2017”

  1. Cluster to 225. Started to get ugly sondecided against muscling my way into an injury at 5am.
    WOD rx – 5 +100m
    Great work Jeremy.

  2. Clean cluster: power clean + hang clean + power clean
    WOD as rx’d: did row first then run
    – 5 rounds + 200 m row
    Thanks! You as well Tyle. Great job.

  3. Clean Cluster:
    155-185-205-225(failed; slipped out of my hands on second power clean)

    WOD Rx+ w/Bike:
    3 rounds + 0.5km Bike

  4. Cluster successfully up to 125#
    Squatted last clean at 135#

    Wod w/bike & row, 55#, banded pull-downs from knees with 1 sec pause at bottom, air squats for push-ups

    11 reps shy of 4 rounds

  5. Cluster
    Up to 155# made it through the first clean and hang clean on 165# (PR for HPC) held bar up too long to try and get hook grip back then dropped it..yes should have brought it back to hang to get grip back.
    WOD rx’d starting w/row
    5 rds
    Tried to get a few meters at the very end but monitor wouldn’t turn on fast enough

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