April 19, 2018

Thursday 180419

Weakness Work/Progression/Strength
Training (Athlete makes 3 choices based on greatest weaknesses and choices each min, with a rest/adjustment on 4th min)
List is not all inclusive, use progressions to build up/develop
 Alternating EMOM for 28 minutes
-1-2 Rope Climb w/feet or Legless
-8 Pistols (4 each leg)
-2-4 Squat/Pwr Clean at 50-75% of 1 RM
-2-4 Squat/Pwr Snatch at 50-75% of 1 RM
-2-5 Muscle-ups (bar or ring)
-3-5 Ring Dips (strict or kipping)
-3-5 Pull-ups (strict or kipping)
-3-10 HSPU deficit, parallette, strict, kip
-10-50ft Handstand Walk
-30-40 Double unders or 10-15 attempts
-ODD Lifts/ Odd Objects
i.e. 1st min=2 MU progressions-2nd min=4 HSPU-3rd min=6 Pistols –4th min=Rest
Post movements and result to responses.
We will be closed this Saturday, April 21st for the Spartan Challenge competition. We encourage all of you to  come out and support our teams!