July 31, 2018

Tuesday 180731

5 RFT: 
-5 Deadlifts 255/175 RX+ 315/215 MRX 205/135
-400m Run or Row or 1km A-Bike
-2 Rope Climbs 15 RX+ 2 Legless MRX 10′

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26 thoughts on “July 31, 2018”

  1. Strength: Deadlifts
    10@265, 3@355, 1@355, 10@285

    5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts w/135 (first round with 255# Conventional Deadlifts)
    400m Run/Row/SkiErg
    1 10′ Legless Rope Climb (from the floor; no legs coming down)

    Split Snatch Doubles: 135/135/135/145

  2. Attempted “girls gone wild” from comp train
    In order to win free apparel from no bull project has to be sub 3:00 Fran, sub 4:00 Diane, and sub 5:00 Amanda
    HUMBLING to say the least….DIED…deadlifts have never felt so heavy and hspu so hard after just doing Fran right before
    “Fran” 2:34 (0:01 PR..wasn’t trying to PR), “Diane” 4:55..stopped there since I didn’t make the 8:00 mark. Should have quit feeling sorry for myself rested 1:00 and just finished “Amanda” for the sake of it..instead I fell to the ground and didn’t get back up! Thanks max, breck, and Nicole for the encouragement along the way..sorry to disappoint ha!

    12:00 class..skipped strength..was still attempting to recover!
    WOD w/55#KB’s for DLs, 400m run, and 2 L-sit RC to 10′
    17:54? or 17:56?

  3. Strength deadlift e3mom
    2@285#, 3@275#

    WOD 255#, 15’ rope, run 2X, row 3X
    4+140m at time cap

  4. Great job Jessica! You should be really proud!

    10 w/125#
    5 w/145#
    5 w/145#
    10 w/125#

    WOD w/125#, all rows and 4 ropes from standing to ground ea rd

    I finished the last 400M row at the 18:00 cap ….did the last 4 ropes
    after time cap

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