Wednesday, November 13, 2019

“Nikoleta” by DB
3min AMRAP:
– RUN or ROW 400m
-Max Reps Ring Muscle-Ups MRX Max Ring Dips
Rest 30sec
3min AMRAP:
– ROW or RUN 400m (opposite of last)
-Max Reps Bar Muscle-Ups MRX Max Bar Dips
Rest 1min
2min AMRAP:
– RUN or ROW 200m
-Max Reps C2B Pull-Ups
Rest 1:30sec
2min AMRAP:
– ROW or RUN 200m (opposite of last)
-Max Reps Pull-Ups
Rest 2min
4min AMRAP:
– RUN 200m & ROW 200m
-Max Reps Burpee Pull-Ups

Compare to November 20, 2018.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 13, 2019”

  1. Same as last year: participated (body weight bonanza is still not my jam)
    Chest to rings pull-ups
    Bar dips
    Burpee pull-ups

  2. Arms couldn’t handle any more MU’s or Pull-ups due to 20.5 twice, Hero WOD “Josh” and yesterdays WOD so played it smart and modified with GHD sit-ups each round.

    Did as written with Run then Row and GHD sit-ups each round.
    Total GHD sit-ups=111

  3. Roxanne – that was a lot of fun!

    Wod row first
    Ring mu 2
    Ring Dips 12
    CTB 16
    Pu 21
    Burpee pullup to 8’ – 14 (this makes it Rx + for me…cause I’m a McShortypants)

    Total 65

  4. Wod Row First
    Ring mu 1. Several attempts.
    Bar mu 5. 1 was no rep, tried using everything nearby to get a muscle up on that rep. LOL!
    CTB 14
    Pu 16
    Burpee pullup to 8’ – 11
    Total 47

  5. Wod W/ Run and Bike and all GHD for max reps giving shoulders a break after doing 20.5 twice
    180 total reps
    Fun workout

  6. WOD Rx:
    1 Ring MU
    12 Bar MUs
    6 C2B
    20 Pullups
    6-8 Burpee Pullups

    Squat Clean: 2@215, 2@215, 1@245
    Front Squat: 1@275, 1@275, 1@275

  7. Wod w/all rowing and ring rows
    400m row – 1:47.1
    7 ring rows
    400m row – 1:53.1
    9 ring rows
    200m row – 0:51.6
    8 ring rows
    200m row – 0:54.3
    9 ring rows
    400m row – 1:54.2
    14 ring rows

  8. Did yesterday’s WOD since we couldn’t make it and today was very grip intensive and I’m giving my hand a break.
    Mod WOD
    1K bike
    15 Left arm KB snatches
    10 GHD sit-ups

    Tabata abs

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