Tuesday, June 9, 2020

For time: 
50 Calorie row or bike or 800 Meter run
50 Air Squats
40 Calorie row or bike or 600 Meter run
40 Burpees
30 Calorie row or bike or 400 Meter run
30 C2B Pull-ups MRX Pull-ups
20 Calorie row or bike or 200 Meter run
20 HSPU’s
10 Calorie row or bike or 100 Meter run
10 Ring or Bar MU’s MRX Burpee Pull-ups

Rest exactly 3 Minutes from end of WOD, then:

2 Minutes max calories on row or bike

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40 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 9, 2020”

  1. Jeremy Fullingim

    Wod modified: rowed cals all segments; did regular pull-ups rather than C2B; did 40 push-ups in place of the 20 HSPU; did burpee pull-ups in place of MU.
    Finisher: 44 cals for row

  2. Wod Rx’d: All rowing and bar MU’s
    **Started doing ring MU’s but failed first two and switched**
    Finisher- 47 cals

  3. Samantha Kuplicki

    WOD as rx’d
    ran 800
    row 600,400
    Run 200,100
    Strict HSPU
    1 bar MU at time cap, had one failed one before that.

  4. Wod: All running/ Pull-ups*/2 Ring MU* (for practice)

    Time: 20:50

    Finisher on Assault Bike:
    46 cals.

  5. WOD mods:
    -All Row
    -Wall Walks in place of HSPU (did 7)
    -Burpee Strict C2B in place of MU’s


    Finisher on Row:

    fun one – thanks breck!

  6. WOD Rx all rowing
    All BMUs as singles since hands are ripped

    37 cals on the rower

    Tabata abs

    Great job today Georgie!!!!

  7. WOD with rows, runs and bike.
    All RX movements until MUs (failed 6 ring MUs and finished with burpee pull-ups)

    Max calories on bike: 27

  8. Wod with all rows, CTB, 2 strict pull-ups and 8 burpee pull-ups

    Finisher row calories: 41

    *took a dry heave break after 40 burpees

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