Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
5 Dumbbell deadlifts
5 Dumbbell hang power cleans
5 Dumbbell thrusters

The rx’d dumbbell weight is 45% bodyweight for men and 30% bodyweight for women (that is both dumbbells combined).

*If you fall behind, note rounds made EMOM and then it becomes a 20 minute AMRAP*

Post dumbbell weight used, total minutes completed and total rounds completed thereafter.

Compare to December 30, 2015.

43 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 12, 2020”

  1. babe, you’re not on the ground and it’s not a rest day pic!!!!!!!!!

    800m: jog (sandbagged per nick knocke, rude)

    Wod completed with 30# DB’s (45% of BW)
    Don’t think I would have survived the EMOM with 35#’s, that would have been a brutal challenge…

    2014: I completed complex with 20# DB’s

  2. 4:17 1000m row
    WOD with 25# completed each round 20-22 seconds
    Really bad memories of this one and it wasn’t that bad today. Looks like I’ve improved in the last 5 years so that’s good news

    1. I read all your posts from all the years linked back…every year you were extremely adamant that it was the worst workout ever, it certainly made me nervous this morning! haha glad it wasn’t as bad today 😉

  3. 800m run: 3:05

    WOD w/ 35# – very mentally weak today…

    got through the first 10….then minutes 11 thru 15 I was hallucinating and contemplating why I even do crossfit….then I somehow rocked it out the last 5 minutes

    total of 17rds

    thanks for the push Jess and Breck…it was good for the entire class to see what a nancy I looked like today mid-wod – haha!!

  4. 800m run- 2:33
    Thanks to Daniel for setting the pace.

    Wod w/ 35# DB’s
    19 rounds (mentally weak at round 15- caved).

  5. Morning 3 mile run

    800m: ran out, raced back
    WOD as Rx: 40# DB’s (45% BW)
    Completed 20 rounds
    (Took minute 16 off, but did 2 rounds from 18:50 to 20:00 time cap)

  6. 800m run – 2:56
    WOD with 35# DB’s
    Failed to complete thrusters on round 13 and let it get in my head.
    Skipped round 14 and finished final rounds.
    Total: 18 3/4 rounds.

    1. Maddy:
      800m run – 4:15
      WOD- 8# dumbbell – completed all rounds

      800m run – 4:41
      WOD – 5# dumbbell – completed 18 rounds

      Completed her 1st WOD in a year and a half!
      400m run (around 2:30).
      WOD – 5# dumbbell- completed 15 rounds

  7. Warmup
    800M jog (but felt like i was going fast, ha!)- 3:50

    WOD 35#
    10 rounds EMOM
    Then went to AMRAP
    17 rounds total

    Camden’s Numbers
    500M row- 2:45

    WOD 12# DB
    Got all 20 rounds EMOM

  8. 1000m row
    3:57 (went out easy and tried to pick it up a little on the second half)

    WOD w/35# DBs (body weight 158#; 45%)
    Completed all 20 rounds; each round finished in 25-29 seconds. Got heart rate back under control each round until about round 16-17 and just had to keep pushing

    Summer abs on smoking hot muscle beach

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