August 29, 2016

Monday 160829


21-15 & 9 rep rounds of:
Thruster (Men 95 lbs, Women 65 lbs)

Post time to responses.

Compare to July 3, 2015.


CrossFit Jenks, please join us for a farewell happy hour for Amy and Bryan Craft on Wednesday, August 31st at George’s @7pm. Stop by and wish them well before their move to Ft. Worth in a couple weeks!

43 thoughts on “August 29, 2016”

  1. Fran rx’d
    4:50 (PR was 5:47)
    I think Fran should always be done this way, you get that push from your partner! Awesome PR’s everyone! Stephanie you Rock! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLIE!!!

  2. For the record, I willingly got out of bed and consciously drove TO the gym, knowing the WOD was “Friggin’ Fran!” 😛

    “Fran” w/55# = 8:50 PR

  3. Great Job to those that have already battled with Fran. Congrats on the PRs and to those that just did it. Fran is a physical and mental wrestling match. Go in mentally strong.
    Good luck and work capacity to all who go on a Date with FRAN. She is a wild one!
    1st goal was RXd, 2nd goal was sub 5
    -FRAN as RXd = 5:08
    Lots of work for me to build on.
    -2.5km Recovery Row = 11:54
    2 rounds/sets of:
    7 Hollow Rocks – 7 V-ups – 7 Hollow Rocks – 7 Evil Wheels – 10 Reverse Hypers – 10 Hip Extensions
    Justin and Judy way to get your OHS on!!

  4. haha!! Proud of you, Angie! 🙂

    Marvelous Monday, y’all! So fun doing “Fran” with a partner!

    “Fran” as rx’d

    Awesome job, Merbear and all of the 9:30 crew!

  5. Fran rx
    3:23 PR! (pretty sure previous PR was around 4:30)
    Awesome job, 9:30!! Great job on your awesome butterfly pull-ups, Nicole!

  6. Fran
    RXd w/95
    Great pic and great job today Justin!!
    I’m loving Crossfit Jenks. This is the most positive group of people I’ve ever been around… Thanks for pushing me to get better each time!!

  7. Fran rx’d 4:44 (pr)
    Wanted sub 6 got sub 5! Pretty happy with that. Great job Allie and thanks for the push! and happy bday!

    Great job to everyone today!

  8. all I can say about today was HOLY MOLY…

    that was my first time to experience Fran so I don’t really have a comparison time but I can say that it kicked my butt!!

    Definitely want to give a shout out to my partner, Dusty (he killed it today). Also a big thanks to every body cheering me on to the finish line. Pretty sure I was hallucinating during that last set of 9’s…haha!! If there is one thing I absolutely love about CF Jenks is the sense of family, makes me happy knowing that although I finished in the back of the pack, I had you all there motivating me to the finish line every rep along the way. Thank you so much…that is great to have, all of you are awesome. And a very HBD to Allie! Pretty sure I used her awesomeness to get me through a rep or two during my sets. 🙂

    8:38 Rx 🙂

  9. “Fran” rx’d
    3:01 (:51PR)
    First time going completely unbroken and not dropping in rd of 15’s! Just couldn’t quite go fast enough to be sub time!
    Great job nooners and all the PR’s
    Happy birthday Allie!

  10. Wow, some seriously sick times today.

    Great job, Melissa! Thanks for cheering/pushing me on.

    75# with ring rows: 4:58

  11. Oh darn, was out of town today…of all days

    Crossfit Edmond
    Strength – FS to 230#

    12 min AMRAP
    250m row
    12 FS (50% of 1rm = 115#)
    6 burpees


  12. When I started a little under 3 months ago my intro to Fran was 13:30 and yesterday I hit 5:25! Could not have progressed without the support of this awesome coaching staff and members. You guys are the best!

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