October 31, 2016

Monday 161031

“Halloween Horror 3” by DB

For Time: 
-31 Jack O Lantern Swings 85/70/55/35/25lbs
-400m Ghost Chase
-31 Frankenstein Front Squats 135/95 115/80 95/65 75/55lbs
-200m Pumpkin Carry 20/14 20/10lbs
-31 Zombie Hang Snatches 135/95 115/80 95/65 75/55lbs
-400m Ghost Chase
-31 Deadman Deadlifts 135/95 115/80 or 95/65
-200m Pumpkin Carry 20/14 20/10lbs
-31 Wicked Wallballs 20/14 10/9′ 20/10 9′
-400m Ghost Chase
-31 Goblin Squats 85/70/55/35/25lbs

Post time to responses.

Compare to October 31, 2015.

The 6:30pm CrossFit Class and 6:30pm CrossFit Kids Class will be canceled today, October 31st for Halloween. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


21 thoughts on “October 31, 2016”

  1. Way to get it Julie. Julie and Hannah are an unstoppable mom and daughter mix!

    Pretty Pumped was able to run today for the first time since the knee surgery. It was very slow, but I never walked with or without the pumpkin!
    WOD RXd = 21:51
    55lbs KettleBell, 95lbs Barbell, 20lb Wallball

  2. Really considered doing 75# but I decided to gut it out and try 95#. Surprised myself and was able to do it.

    55# KB


    *Thanks for the push at the end calli!!

  3. wod as rxd
    55# kbs & 80# barbell
    22:20 or 23:20?

    last year I did it with lighter weight both kbs & bb, it was a good challenge doing 80# for snatches despite the small sets, glad I stuck with it!
    happy halloween cfj!!

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