Thursday, February 7, 2019

For Time:
-200m Run (Prt 1) 
-200m ROW (Prt 2) 
-200m ROW (Prt 1)
-200m Run (Prt 2) 
-400m Run (Prt 1) 
-400m ROW (Prt 2) 
-400m ROW (Prt 1) 
-400m Run (Prt 2)
*Athletes above working at same time, must slap hands, before switching*
-30 Alternating Power Snatches (15 each)
-10 Alternating Box Jump Overs (5 each)
-30 Alternating WallBalls 20/14 10/9′ 20/10 9′
-10 Alternating Box Jump Overs 24/20″
-30 Alternating Hand Release Push-Ups
-10 Alternating Box Jump Overs RX+ 30/24″ 
-30 Alternating Power Cleans 115/75 +135/95 
-10 Alternating Box Jump Overs MRX 20/18″ 
-30 Alternating Push Press MRX 95/65
-10 Alternating Box Jump Overs
-400m Run (Prt 1) 
-400m ROW (Prt 2) 
-400m ROW (Prt 1) 
-400m Run (Prt 2) 
-200m Run (Prt 1) 
-200m ROW (Prt 2) 
-200m ROW (Prt 1) 
-200m Run (Prt 2)

Post time to comments.

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18 thoughts on “Thursday, February 7, 2019”

  1. Strength at Home: Bench Press w/225#

    9:30 with Dylan
    22:59 w/modifications
    75# Barbell: Muscle Snatch, Air Squat, HRPU, Muscle Clean, Strict Press

  2. 15 GHDs
    1k Bike
    15 GHDs

    Wod w/ Nikki – thanks for putting me in my place!! Great work!
    I did: 95# barbell work, 24″ box overs, 14# WB @ 10/11′, bike instead of runs

    25:40 (I believe)!

  3. Partner WOD with Royce and Russ
    Pretty sure Russ did RX weight with bike and rows
    Me and RC did masters with runs and rows Rc did step ups
    Fun one!

  4. Team WOD Thursday with Dave Hodges

    MRX’d w/ crazy cold runs!

    Thanks for pushing me, Dave! We need a repeat next month so you actually get a workout! 😉

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