Thursday, February 21, 2019

“Teammate Terrible Twos” by DB
2min AMRAP:(1st min P1 Works; 2nd min P2 works)
-Barbell Burpee to Deadlift 185/125 RX+ 225/155 MRX 155/105
2min AMRAP:(1min P1; 2min P2)
-Air Squat Box Jumps 24/20 RX+ 30/24 MRX 20/18
2min AMRAP:(1min P1; 2min P2)
-Burpee to T2B
2min AMRAP:(1min P1; 2min P2)
-KBS 55/35# RX+ 70/55# MRX 45/25#
2min AMRAP:(1min P1; 2min P2)
-Row or A Bike for Calories
REST 2min
**REPEAT all above one more time for Total MAX Reps**

Post results to comments.

Compare to February 22, 2018.

CrossFit Jenks is so excited to be hosting our 9th CrossFit Open! The 2019 CrossFit Open is for EVERYONE no matter your skill level. Whatever your into, competing against your peers, challenging yourself, conquering a new skill or qualifying for a spot to the next level, we encourage you to SIGN UP (make sure to list CFJ as your Team and affiliate)!

The first workout (19.1) will be released this Thursday, February 21st! This is the game plan for CrossFit Jenks:

Friday: The Open WOD will be the Workout of the Day & that evening we will host the CFJ Open Showdown from 4:30-6:30. This event will be run in heats and will foster a fun, encouraging and competitive atmosphere! Feel free to bring your friends and family to cheer on all our Athletes!

Saturday: 8am & 9am- Regular CFJ classes; 10am-12pm- Open WOD

Sunday: 11am-1pm- Open WOD

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our coaches.

We’re looking forward to another fun, encouraging and competitive Open Season!

9 thoughts on “Thursday, February 21, 2019”

  1. PSA- This morning I got a KB to use that had tape on it. The tape had blood on it. If you put tape on KB, Pull-Up bars, etc. please remove. Major health concern as well as disgusting.


  2. Partnered with Brian “Brochacho” Stowell
    WOD: Total reps – 311
    personal score
    burpee-deadlift: 11/12 (185lbs)
    squat-boxjump: 11/12 (24″)
    burpee-t2b: 13/11
    kbs: 26/27 (55lbs)
    bike: 20/21

  3. simple breakdown of today’s wod (me – MRx)

    I partnered w/ Nikki
    Me: little
    Nikki: a lot

    total reps: 360

    thanks Nikki – you are a rock star!

  4. WOD w/RC
    Burpee/DL 105# 18/15
    Air squat bj 18/15
    Burpee TTB 9/10
    KBS 30/29
    Row 17/16
    My scores only.
    RC recovering from Knee surgery/injury Had to stop at the end

  5. Wod rx alone with 2 88lb kb’s for DL’s

  6. WOD RX + W rayus who did ++
    DL:15,15 (me) 12-13 (r)
    Squat box jumps: 14-15 (me) 12,11 rayus
    Burpee T2B: 13,13 (me) 10,9 rayus
    KB’s : 32, 30 (me) 17, 16 rayus with 106
    Row cal: 22,23 (me) 18,16 rayus
    Total reps: 326

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