32 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 6, 2021”

  1. Jessica Van De Wiele

    Strength hang snatch 65/75/80/85/95

    WOD RX 17:41
    round1/3/5 hang snatch
    round2/4 went from the ground to practice KO

  2. Hang squat snatch-
    Through 155. Failed 185, but as close as I’ve been.

    Wod Rx’d (runs)
    *all snatches unbroken

  3. Went through the motions today
    Hang squat snatch
    Doubles: 85-95-100-100-105 (x1 rushed it)

    Wod as rxd
    Recovered on the runs, snatches unbroken

    Well done Butter!

  4. Strength 2 rep squat snatch
    Wod RX weight with rows
    Last round did 20 power snatch at 75# to practice for KO

  5. still trying to get back in the groove of things….

    strength & conditioning
    -2 H Snatch (95/95/115/115/115)
    -5 Over the Bar Burps

    WOD Mrx (run – nicole convinced me last minute)

  6. Strength

    WOD Rx* (row)

    11:28 unbroken

    last row was pathetic, couple chalk bucket breaks before snatchs, should of been sub 11, hope this one comes up again some day

  7. Strength
    All hang squat snatch, no misses

    Wod RX w/all runs (kill me now)
    HPS all Unbroken

    Dee almost lapped me- so fast!

  8. Strength
    Got to 85lbs

    All Runs (This is what took most of my time should’ve pushed myself to go faster)
    Snatches broken 8 & 7

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