Monday, July 26, 2021

CFJ, we hope you can join us on July 31st at 10 AM for the CrossFit Jenks mini triathlon. Two person teams that will include bike, run and swim!  Reserve your spot by signing up on Zen planner for that Saturday in the 10am slot (open gym time). Please bring five dollars per athlete to offset the cost of renting lanes at the Jenks aquatic center. For additional details, reach out to Coach Dan.

5 Rounds for time of: 
4 Wall Climbs
3 Rope Climbs MRX 10’
20/16 Calorie Bike or Row

34 thoughts on “Monday, July 26, 2021”

  1. Did the devils press/DU workout today – in my driveway…

    All I had was 25# DB’s


    Loved that one!!!

  2. Unbroken HSW, 10×50 feet
    Hoping that wore me out more than I thought cause WOD was a wreck from first buzzer
    finished 4th round after the buzzer, spent lots of time squatting at the bottom of the rope

  3. Worked on Hand stand

    WOD RX
    Timed out with 3 cals left on row.
    Couldn’t keep ahold of the rope with my feet. Ready to do this one again soon!

    Sit ups 101
    10 sit-ups EMOM for 10 minutes + I extra in the 10th round.

  4. Plank holds for the EMOM 30/30

    WOD w/ 3 wall walks, 6 strict pull-ups, row

    8 am while waiting for kids
    Wanted to try the full run intervals from last week to see if I could make time cap

  5. Skill
    10 x 50’ bear crawl
    WOD with 20 push ups from knees, 3 rope from standing to floor and 12 cal row

  6. Skills: 10 x 30 sec plank holds, 6 high, 4 low

    WOD modified
    5 rds
    2 wall climbs (masters standards +/-)
    3 rope climbs 10’
    26 cal row

  7. Skill- HSW 20ft UB!!! Lots of 10ft walks and holds. I’ll take it!!

    WOD “RX” *2 rope climbs (Low abs won’t go for 3 just yet)

  8. Skills/Drills
    10 Rounds:
    30 Seconds work/30 Seconds rest
    All unbroken in 17 to 22 seconds
    50′ Handstand Walk

    As Rx’d with Bike
    Time: 17:46

  9. Handstand walk 50ft EMOM x10
    Rounds 1-6: unbroken
    Round 7-9: broke once
    Round 10: broke twice ooof

    Wod as rxd
    Bike cals
    16:36 or 16:46?

  10. Skills
    Practiced hs holds

    Wod RX
    Dropped to 2 rope climbs on rounds 4 and 5
    Rope climbs crushed my soul!

    Great job 12 class!!!!! Impressive work!!!! It’s HOT!

  11. Jeremy Fullingim

    Skills: Did 100ft bear crawl each 30 sec segment for the 10 min EMOM (30sec work/30sec rest)
    WOD Rx (row)
    3 rds + 1 rope climb

  12. Skills & drills:
    Alt b/n bike cal & high plank holds

    WOD w/ bike, 20 push-ups for wall-climbs & alt 3 rope climbs/9 strict pull-ups ea rnd
    4 Rounds at buzzer

    Tough way to start the week. Great pic, Will!

  13. Skills HSW
    Made is 45’ and 40’ unbroken; BIG WIN for me. Just keep practicing CFJ!!!!!!

    WOD Rx w/bike
    Kept RPMs on bike over 60 each round

    KP Power Abs

  14. Activator
    HSW- got a set of 5-10ft unbroken each round- lots of coming up and down too

    WOD RX- bike cals

    Round 3 went to try a 10ft legless instead of a third rope climb and that was a no go- Ha! Back to 15ft Normal rope climbs.

  15. Activator
    HSW 30sec on 30 sec off

    WOD Rx
    3rd round went to do a 10ft legless in stead of third rope climb and that was a big nope. So back to the 15ft rope- ha!

  16. Pre-WOD- 1 Mile Run: 7:30

    Activator: Worked on HS holds in place, then two attempts at the 50′. Cumulative was probably around 80′ unbroken.

    WOD Rx: 23:27

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