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  1. WOW! Crossfit works.
    I did modified “Linda”
    My deadlift was only 95lbs., bench 115lbs., full squat cleans 50lbs.
    I did these same weights on Oct. 11, in 34:05, and I had to reduce some of the weight that day because I thought I was going to die.

    TODAY – I stayed with the weight all the way. Did full squat cleans, whereas last time I did power cleans.

    My TIME: 28:57 (over 5 minute improvement)

    I know the deadlift weight is ridiculously low, but I was protecting my hamstring, and I wanted a direct comparison to my conditioning of a month ago, instead of just gauging whether or not I am stronger.

    P.S. Coach Berry, I am now an owner of “Starting Strength” thanks to your recommendation. Read the “Squats” section last night, and learned a lot. Thanks for making me smarter.

  2. 31/M/168
    Deadlift- 255 lbs
    Bench- 185 lbs
    Squat clean- 135 lbs

    Time: 22:34

    Mark, Congrats on all the improvements!

  3. 37/M/182

    “Linda” as modified

    10-8-6-4-2-1 reps of the following:

    Deadlift- 165 lbs

    Bench- 135 lbs

    Squat clean- 65 lbs

    Time: 17:13

  4. 41/M/186

    “Linda” as modified

    10-8-6-4-2-1 reps of the following:

    Deadlift- 95 lbs

    Bench- 95 lbs

    Squat clean- 45 lbs

    Time: 19:15

  5. Forgot to say way to go Mark! You’ll be a true CrossFit stud in no time.

    I hear what you’re saying about deadlifts. I’m trying to build up to heavier weights slowly to prevent as many injuries as possible.

  6. 25/F/124


    DL- 125lbs
    Bench- 65lbs
    Squat clean- 48lbs

    Time: 20:44 (PR)

    Same weight I used before, decreased time by over 8 minutes!! : )

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