22 thoughts on “Friday, April 30, 2021”

  1. 2500m bike: 3:42

    WOD Rx (bike) w/mod
    mod: 15s handstand hold followed by 15 push-ups for HSPU
    *lower back issue
    Time: 11:59

  2. Chadwick Warren

    Bike : 3:50
    1250m Bike
    21 KBS @70lbs
    12 6” Deficit HSPU
    KBS unbroken and two rounds of HSPU unbroken fell off the wall on the 10th rep in last round fun test
    Finisher 800m run not timed but for quality

  3. Cool little exercise park out here near the Kiddie Park in Bville – got here a bit early before t kiddie park opens so I gave it a go…

    12rds for time

    -3 strict pull ups
    -7 box jumps (24”)
    -5 T2B


  4. Wod rx from home w/ bike ~19:20

    First time doing HSPU in a few months, so those went about as expected.

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